Run 2 Cover: Pop Rocking Your World

runtocover_jlRun 2 Cover: Pop Rocking Your World

Meet Run 2 Cover, the latest band signing on KBB Records – a label co-owned by none other than Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria.  A pop rock trio based out of Phoenix, Arizona, the band is in the midst of recording their debut album for the label with Matt Good, best known for his time spent in D.R.U.G.S. and From First To Last.  Run 2 Cover recently went on a short tour, with one the dates taking place at the Chain Reaction in the heart of Orange County, California.  Right after their exhilarating opening set, we had to chance to interview the three members of Run 2 Cover in the parking lot of the famed Anaheim-based club.  Read on as we discuss Run 2 Cover’s signing to KBB, working with Ben Bruce and and Matt Good, their original songs and unique covers, and other topics destined to pop rock your world…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Run 2 Cover and how long the band has been around.
Brandon: I’m Brandon, I play drums for Run 2 Cover. We’ve been playing together for about 5 years now.
Christian: I’m Christian, I’m the bass player and the singer.
Colin: I’m Colin, I’m the guitar player and the harmony vocalist.

How has this tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
Christian: It’s been going real well. We traveled up through Colorado, we played a few shows though there. Then we went to Utah and coming down here through California for a few dates and then we’re headed back home. It’s been a short tour but it’s been a lot of fun so far.

You’re signed to Ben Bruce’s label, KBB. How did that come about? I wouldn’t think this would be the band Ben would sign.
Brandon: Our manager, I believe, sent it over to KBB and Ben really liked what he heard. I think he heard something in us, I’m not sure, but he liked our music.  We had our EP that our manager sent over to him so we got signed with them and now we’re back in the studio almost done recording a full length album. We took the five songs from our EP and recorded five more songs and we’re going to put it into an album and we’re going to release that soon.  And we’re going to be out at Warped Tour, the AZ date with Ben at the KBB tent doing a signing. It’s been really cool. It’s been a journey. Still have a long ways to go.

dx0a6992_400xThe producer of your EP/Album is Matt Good from From First To Last. What’s it like working with him?
Colin: Matt pretty much turned our whole band 180. We were a metal band and we had been for about 4 years and it wasn’t really working out for us too well and I guess him and his manager Zach Yoshioka heard something in us and then we went in and just wrote with him over a couple of months and wrote our first EP, and that really changed our style to a pop rock style. Now these new songs are more straight up pop, I guess. He’s been a big help. He’s pretty much who chain reacted the series that got us signed to KBB. His manager, Zach knows Kyle Borman who is the co-owner of KBB. He’s the K in KBB. We pretty much owe him everything that has happened to us over the past year or so.
Brandon: We wanted to change our style before we went into the studio with Matt. I mean, we hadn’t really known Zack at the time so we contacted him and we wanted to book dates with Matt. So we went in, we had one song written: “It’s OK.” It’s on our EP, that’s more pop. But it still wasn’t quite there. So Matt helped produce that song and then from there, we just started writing more pop songs with him. All of us contributed. Yeah – that’s what started the chain of events that has happened for us.
Christian: Real quick, I’ll add, Matt – himself is just crazy. He can come up with anything. We come up with an idea or something. We’re in there, every single song we did in a day, which is a lot. Writing a whole song and recording it in one day is crazy. So – he’s been an amazing producer. He’s pretty new at it too, which is just insane. His recording sound is almost better than anyone in Arizona, pretty much. We owe a lot to him, we’re very thankful.

Let’s talk about two of your covers. Prince. What made you decide to cover Prince, that’s so unexpected to me.
Christian: We’ve been playing that song for a few years now. 3-4. Back when we did all covers, we’re like eh let’s do a Prince song. My mom loves Prince and she was like, yeah – you guys should do a Prince song. So we learned that one. “Let’s Go Crazy.” We’ve been playing it for a long time now. We’ve put it on the back burner a little bit, but tonight we’re like eh – let’s just bring it out. So we decided to play it tonight. Have some fun. Then, the other cover we did was a 1985 Bowling For Soup song, which people love. It’s always a good crowd pleaser. Then we do a remix, we play Smells Like Teen Spirit. Then we sing Billie Jean over that and it transitions into Seven Nation Army, which is pretty cool. People like that one because it throws them for a loop.

dx0a6843_400xThat was pretty cool. Let’s talk about your original songs. Select two and tell me what inspired the lyrics.
Christian: I did a lot of the lyric writing, and it just came from: The song “It’s OK.” I was in this relationship at the time, which pretty much all songs stem from it seems like. It ended badly so I wrote a song about it shortly after. I had it stored for months and months and never really showed it to anyone. Then I decided to show it to them one day and we ended up recording it, I think it’s one of the best songs on our EP. Then another one, we did “Someday,” which is that teen love anthem. Its kind of like how you want to be with someone, but your parents or whatever is restricting you from being with that person. It’s Romeo and Juliet. The lyrics go, “someday will be one day and one day will be mine.” It’s wishing that it could happen and you can make it happen, someday will be one day.

What’s up next for you guys after this tour is all over?
Colin: Releasing our new album “Lovesick” – releasing that in the summer. Not really sure what day specifically yet, but probably late summer. Then after this tour – I’ll actually be heading out with a band, just filling in. A label band on KBB called The Family Ruin. Really good friends of ours. We toured with them in the past with Escape the Fate. Really cool guys, but I’m just filling in on guitar. After that we go out on another tour with Eyes Set To Kill.  We’re booked throughout the whole summer.
Christian: We’re coming home, we’ll finish this album and then yeah – we’re going to go out where we’re sent and go wherever we need to go.

If your band could open for any band either now or from the past, who and why?
Brandon: I think a really cool band would be 30 Seconds to Mars because  their music matches ours with the anthem type of stuff and the sing-alongs. I just really love them. Their live shows are just crazy. They’re so energetic. I think every band can learn from them as far as live shows go.
Christian: I would do a band called All American Rejects back in their heyday. That was the band that I listened to growing up that was really inspiring me to be a bass player and singer.
Colin: I know all the metal fans out there are probably going to cringe but probably a band like 5 Seconds of Summer or One Direction because at the end of the day we’re a pop band at heart, so most of our fans are young girls and any situation where an arena is filled with 80,000 girls is a good situation for us.  We’re signed to KBB but we’re still a pop band.
Christian: That’s why KBB likes us. They want to diversify their roster.

Do you have any messages for people reading this now who should go and check your band out?
Brandon: We have our website, we have our new merch on there. We just got new t-shirt designs. We have all our social media links on there. We have our music videos on YouTube and yeah, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like our Facebook. Watch out for our album in the summer, Lovesick.
Christian: Also if you’re going to check us out, if you want to look it up, there’s a video on YouTube we do called Scarified. It’s a Racer-X cover which proves we can actually somewhat play our instruments. So we’re a pop band, we can still play. Colin over here can shred on the guitar…

Members: Brandon Iverson (Drums/Vocals), Christian Iverson (Bass/Vocals), Colin Shaw (Lead Guitar/Vocals)

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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