Run 2 Cover: Pop Rocking on the Sunset Strip

Run2CoverWhiskyRun 2 Cover: Pop Rocking on the Sunset Strip

Run 2 Cover has been on tour with Austin Jones, making a stop at the world famous Whisky a Go Go for a lively show on the Sunset Strip. Signed to KBB Records, a label co-owned by Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, Run 2 Cover’s full length debut Lovesick was unveiled late last summer, and the trio has been on the road ever since.  We caught up with Christian, Brandon and Colin just right before their show at the Whisky to find out more about Lovesick, life on the road, Krispy Kreme donuts, and other sweet and intriguing topics.  Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Run 2 Cover.
Brandon: My name is Brandon, I play the drums.
Colin: My name is Colin, I play guitar.
Christian: My name is Christian, I play bass and I sing.

How’s this tour with Austin Jones been going so far, what have been some of the highlights?
Brandon: This tour has been great. The shows have been really great, there’s been a lot of people and the crowd has been really receptive and really interactive. Every night is just a lot of fun, everyone has a good time. Just the shows themselves have been really awesome.

run2_1What can one expect from a live Run 2 Cover show in 2016?
Christian: We’re doing a lot of our new songs that we released off of our new album. We’re just, building on ourselves and learning, getting better. More energy and just a fun time, really.
Colin: Just feel good, high energy pop music with not anything that you’d be ashamed to show your parents. We try and stay humble, or whatever. Just pop music.
Brandon: Just a lot of crowd interacting, jumping, just a good time. Time where you can be happy and get away from life for a while.

Since I last spoke with you, an album has come out, Lovesick. Any story or concept behind that title?
Colin: All the songs are about love, in some way or another.
Brandon: Maybe not love, or a girl or this or that, relationships. Whatever you want to take from it. It’s basically like hey it’s kind of a cool name, let’s title a track that, and let’s make it the album name.
Colin: They are not all the same exact song, they’re all very different but they’re all sort of – I don’t know. Linked, I guess by love. Different themes in each one, though.

Select two new songs on the album and what inspired the lyrics.
Christian: Two new ones are “Like The Way It Hurts.” I kind of wrote the lyrics about – I actually – it inspired me from a person who I knew who was in a relationship that – I was on the outside of it, and the way I looked at it was like I can’t believe you’re with this person, it just doesn’t make sense but then I thought about it from her perspective and I thought, well maybe to her – the tagline of the song is “she likes the way it hurts.” It’s what worked for her, so I tried to write it from this person’s perspective of even though they get all this criticism about it, they’re still madly in love with this person and it works for them, basically.

DX0A9337Another song, which one?
Colin: Maybe “I’m the One.” which is about, it’s pretty simple and straightforward honestly. I’m the one that’ll love you and the other lyric, “my heart can be your home.” I don’t know, we always just try and be there for people who just need someone to talk to.
Christian: We really enjoy helping people and talking to people, and stuff like that. We wrote that song just from a perspective to let people know that there is someone there for them in that regard.

Has Ben Bruce been out to see your live show recently and have you opened for Asking Alexandria?
Brandon: Yeah, we’ve opened for them back in December. So two months ago. Actually, our show in Phoenix on Thursday, he’s gonna be there. He’s been to probably 3-4 shows now. Seen us play live twice now? Tomorrow will be the third. He’s obviously from England but I think he’s living in AZ now. He’ll be there on Thursday.  He’s seen us open for them and they’re a kick ass band.

How did that go, opening for Asking Alexandria? I know you’ve opened for other metal bands before.
Brandon: At first, when you get on stage and you start playing nobody knows what’s really going on. It’s a metal show, obviously, and then a pop band gets on stage everyone is like uh. So it’s like a battle to win the crowd over and for the most part we can usually always get the girls involved. We have a harder time with the guys. But, when they do get involved it’s really awesome, so it’s more so kind of – not awkward but a little nerve wracking at first. You really have to make sure you are involving them to really get them to start interacting. It’s definitely a battle on stage, once you win that battle it’s really good feelings.
Colin: We also throw in some covers that honestly, anybody of any age and musical preference will like Like 1985 by Bowling For Soup. I mean, everybody knows that song. Everybody likes that song regardless of anything, pretty much. So yeah, I think you’re just throwing some songs that everyone likes. Like Brandon said, try and win them over to your best ability. It usually goes well.
Christian: As a preference, I would rather be playing in a crowd full of teeenagers that like our style of music. Like, a stadium full of those people than 20 metalheads. That’s more nerve wracking for me to play. It’s a lot harder to win them over, but it’s still a lot of fun.

DX0A9347Did any of you guys used to be in metal bands before?
ALL: Yeah.
Brandon: We weren’t like, hard core metal or whatever but we were more like 80s metal when we first started in AZ. We were basically a cover band that covered 80s rock / metal songs for a long time. We started writing music kind of like that, and we just didn’t really enjoy it anymore and what we were listening to, personally, was pop music and pop rock. We’re like, this is what we love listening to, so let’s give it a shot at writing it. I feel like we’ve been a lot more successful at writing pop music and performing it live is a lot more fun to us as well, so yeah, we really enjoy what we play and I think that’s a big factor as to why our live shows are so much fun for everybody. We used to be a metal band, if you want to call it that.
Christian: We used to do Pantera and stuff, GnR, Ozzy, all that stuff.
Brandon: We still love that stuff, no disrespect to that stuff, but we love playing pop music.

If your music was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
Brandon: It’ll be a Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze with sprinkles, that’s the best thing you can get there hands down. Second best would be just the original glazed. But, I have yet to taste a donut better than Krispy Kreme. Why? Because everyone likes chocolate and it offers a range of flavors. You’ve got the chocolate, you’ve got the sweet glaze on it, everyone likes it. You got the nice soft warm donut party, sprinkles. I just really love Krispy Kream donuts.

What’s up next for you guys after this tour is over?
Christian: We are continuing this tour for a little bit and then it’s gonna go until mid March, so we’ve got a little while. After that we are getting stuff schedule, we don’t have anything locked in 100% but I’m sure it’s just going to be more touring.
Brandon: Writing more music, trying to get some covers on YouTube, jamming some songs. There’s always something you can be doing. As of tours though? We don’t have anything completely confirmed yet, so we can’t really say anything but there will be another tour.
Colin: With this tour going out to the end of February or beginning of March we’ve got quite a lot on our hands for the time being. We’ll see what happens later on.

Do you have any messages for people who are reading this who should check out your band?
Christian: You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. Run 2 Cover – we just released an album not too long ago, it’s on iTunes it’s called Lovesick. You can check out our YouTube videos, if you subscribe on there. We upload new videos quite a bit.
Brandon: You can always go on our website, and check out all our tour dates because they’re all on there. If there’s ever a show near you, come on out and have a good time.
Colin: Also, along with iTunes if you use Amazon or Google PLay, pretty much any platform you can find us on there. Also, we have our full album for streaming on YouTube as well. Check us out, thank you.

Run 2 Cover is: Christian Iverson (Bass/ Lead Vocals) Brandon Iverson (Drums/Vocals) Colin Shaw (Guitar/Vocals)

(Interview and Candid Photo by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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