Diggin’ Deep by Sassy!!! (Good Trouble Records)

Diggin’ Deep is 13 tracks of primal, guitar chuggin rock’n’roll with tough and sexy vocals. Sassy!!! (don’t forget the three !!!’s) is the Bay Area duo of drummer/singer Kitty Largewood (aka Christa DiBiase of Girlband) and guitarist/singer Trixie Delicious (aka Lynda Mandolyn of Fabulous Disaster). The ladies know how to rock in a non-self-conscious way, plowing through girl-group longing for love melodies splashed with a bit of Sweet and a dash of The Runaways. It is the dual and singular lead vocals that really attract the ears to Sassy!!!’s simple rocking formula.

Some of the more memorable moments on Diggin’ Deep are the bubblegum of So Bad it’s Good and the angry distorted guitars of You Can Have HimBe Alright slows down the pace with echoed desert wind guitars and a lovely vocal duet.

(Review by Bret Miller)


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