Save The Clock Tower: Post Hardcore from Tasmania

Photo Credit: Haydn Robertson

Photo Credit: Haydn Robertson

Raging out of the remote country of Tasmania, it is only matter of time until Save The Clock Tower takes the entire world by storm.  Their debut full length Wasteland has been unleashed through Bullet Tooth Records here in the States – an absolutely colossal selection of exhilarating tunes that will garner the collective a good deal of notice.  We recently interviewed front man Luke Vaessen to find out more about this band on the rise and their fantastic new album.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Save The Clock Tower, and how long the band has been together?
Hi, my name’s Luke and I sing! We have been around for a little over 4 years now.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We come from Tasmania, which is located just off the southern tip of Australia. The scene has its ups and downs in regards to original music, but at the moment it is having a nice little upswing! There are a few bands who are starting to step up and are worthy of checking out: Interview With An Escape Artist, Zeolite & Luca Brasi.

How did you wind up being signed to Bullet Tooth?
It was a pretty long winded process, but as far as I know, we were actually found on the ‘Sign Me To Roadrunner’ website by an A&R guy there, who then showed Josh (Bullet Tooth) and the rest is history!

clocktowerwasteland1Is there any story or concept behind the album title Wasteland?
There is a few different meanings to the album title for me. It refers to the place we live, it being such an isolated place which makes it harder for us tour and get our music out, but it also refers to the wasteland that we as a race are creating, the wasteland that can be left inside a human after a relationship ends, during / after substance abuse, and just a general feeling of emptiness that people today seem to get.

Select two songs from Wasteland and what inspired the lyrics.
I don’t really like explaining the lyrics and their meanings as I like people to be able to create their own connections to the songs. But what I will tell you is that ‘A Pale Horse’ is about the death of a family member and ‘At The Bottom Of A Bottle’ is about alcohol & drug fueled promiscuity.

Who did the cover art on Wasteland and how much input did you have on it?
The artwork was created by Travis Roberts, who does a lot of work for Bullet Tooth. We had the initial idea of what we wanted, something that would definitely stand out in a shop against other cover art. We literally only had to have one proof sent through, which we suggested changes to and this is the second draft that came back!

How has the tour with Betraying The Martyrs been going and what have been some of the highlights?
The BTM tour was really good. Great turn outs, especially considering it was their first time in the country. Its just awesome to get to meet new people everywhere you go and hang out with people who have the same ideals and goals as you. Adelaide was definitely a highlight. We love that city and have made lots of friends there too. It was also amazing to get to watch BTM every night and the way they perform is incredible!

What could one expect from a live Save The Clock Tower show?
Raw energy coupled with a tight and precise sound. We try and get our sound as close as we can to album quality.

Has Save The Clock Tower ever played here in the States or plan to do so in future days?
No, we haven’t been over there yet. But we are hoping to get over there in the near future for sure.

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a show?
The only thing that comes to mind was being involved in a car crash in Tasmania. We were travelling back from a show in Burnie (about 2 hours from our hometown Launceston), and a lady pulled out in front of us without even looking on the highway and ended up t-boning her car. None of us had ever really been involved in an accident like that, it was pretty crazy. Everyone involved in the crash is ok now though.

If Save The Clock Tower could open up for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Personally, it would have to be either Glassjaw or Deftones. Both those bands are incredibly influential for me, and Im sure lots of other people as well.

Have you ever pet or ran over a kangaroo?
Both! hahaha

What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing your music for the first time?
Hopefully the energy and sense of urgency that we try to deliver our songs in. Each song we have written has different things that i hope can appeal to people in different ways.

Any final words of wisdom?
Not really hahahaha! If you are in a band, write music that is true to yourself and music that you would want to hear. Don’t jump on a trend just because you think it is cool or think it will make you the next big thing. Cause that fucking sucks and everyone knows when people try and do that shit.

And if you’ve checked us out, thanks so much 🙂

Save The Clock Tower is Joel Hallam on guitar, Luke Vaessen on vocals, Owen Broad on drums, and Alex Mcnulty on bass.

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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