Slow Burning Car and Across Coves

sbcroxy1Slow Burning Car, Across Coves, The Roxy Theatre, April 12, 2013

It was a Friday night at the world famous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip, and rock and roll was about to enrapture the room presented by some pretty terrific local acts. Slow Burning Car was in attendance, presenting a record release party for their third magnum opus entitled Assumption. One of most vastly underrated bands in Los Angeles, Slow Burning Car unleashed an explosive set that really impressed the longtime fans while surely gaining some new converts as well. Opening with The Ghetto and The Sea, the first track from their brand new album, Slow Burning Car continued to rock the house out with their dynamic musicianship and super catchy songs. One of the most epic songs in the set was definitely Kats, a rousing rock and rock anthem that could ignite radio airwaves across the country. Dimples was another live scorching highlight, once again demonstrating Slow Burning Car’s wonderful knack for delivering an instant memorable song.

Founding member Troy Spiropoulos is a dynamic front man, exuding a good deal of passion and conviction into his vocals and bass work. Spriopoulos is surrounding by equally impressive musicians who send Slow Burning Car spiraling into excellence. Included in the lineup is the participation of Mike Zimmerman on drums and vocals, Brian Butler on guitar, and Duc Le on guitar. Fans of noted bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Swervedriver will surely want to hitch a ride within the sonic realms of Slow Burning Car. Be sure to check out Assumption as well as the other superb Slow Burning Car releases, as well as their not to be missed live shows.

acroccc1Kicking off the evening earlier was Across Coves, a young band from the City of Angels who recently opened for the likes of Maroon 5. Attracting a wide age range of audience members, Across Coves presented an exhilarating collection of rock and roll. Playing a stunning cover of Born To Be Wild early in their set, they definitely had everyone’s attention – and continued to impress with their very own original compositions. Across Coves was also celebrating a CD release, selling their full length Helium effort for only five bucks! Songs from the album that were absolutely terrific live included Don’t Leave Me Lonely and Lovely Soul. An extremely charismatic band with a bright and glorious future ahead of them, the Across Coves lineup consists of Nicholas Podany on bass and vocals, Brandon Warren on lead guitar, Matthew Devereaux on rhythm guitar, and a very young looking Maxx Morando on drums.

Another star making night at The Roxy Theater, and certainly a wonderful way to kick off a weekend! Be sure to check out Slow Burning Car and Across Coves the next time they sail into your favorite venue and be ready to rock!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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