Scars Of Tomorrow: Blistering Transmissions

scars20142_600x400Scars of Tomorrow has returned, raging out of the notorious LA/OC music scene with an all-out vengeance.   It was 2007 when we last heard from the metalcore entity, and now the blistering comeback Failed Transmissions has been issued via Artery Recordings.  Whether this will be a lasting venture or a short term effort, there is no denying the passion and conviction to found with the current day Scars of Tomorrow compositions.  We caught up with long time member Bob Bradley to find out more about the restoration of Scars of Tomorrow. their thrilling new material. touring past and present, and other topics of intrigue.  Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Scars of Tomorrow.
I’m Bob Bradley and I play guitar in the band.

At this point, what made you decide it was time to do another Scars of Tomorrow album?
After being away from the band for many years I was keeping in touch with Mike and in late 2013 we both agreed that we should work on new music. It wasn’t some grand epiphany but more that we need this music as a source of creative output and it’s a great reason to get together and have fun.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Failed Transmissions?
Mike our singer named the album and wrote all the lyrics. I’m not 100% sure what each song means to him personally. I’ve always interpreted his lyrics as touching on topics of empowerment, struggle and how time changes people and their motives in life.

What has it been like to do the final Bleeding Through tour and what have been some of the highlights?
It was an awesome experience since we’ve known them since the early days of their musical career. Fast forward almost 13-14 years later and we are able to share these amazing shows with them. Everyone in all the bands were super cool and since many of us are in our 30’s it’s a different appreciation for playing music and hanging out. Many of us have new life priorities and it’s nice to have conversations with fellow musicians about things outside of

bobbradleyscars1What was the experience like playing the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest this year?
This was our first big show being back together as Scars of Tomorrow. Being able to fly out with your friends and play with some of the most amazing metal, death metal and hardcore bands on the planet was mind-blowing. All the bands kicked ass and it was fun seeing a lot of old and new faces.

You’ve played the legendary shows such as Furnacefest and Hellfest. What was the experience like playing those shows at the time?
Oh wow, well we played Furancefest and Hellfest around 2004-2005 and we were just thankful to be on those tours. I remember we recently signed to Victory Records and shot some of our promo photos at Furnacefest and thought it was the coolest thing ever. There’s something fun about playing fests, everyone takes their turn to show off their music but it doesn’t feel competitive. Everyone was there for the right reasons and those shows were some of the best live moments of our career.

What could we expect from a live Scars of Tomorrow 2014 show?
It really depends on the show and who we’re playing with. For these Bleeding Through dates we had a lot of old friends/fans out and they could relate to our history as a band and being in the hardcore scene. In between songs, Mike would interact with the crowd and talk about the music and how the scene has impacted people over the years. We still go off, and even at this point we put 110% into playing a great set and going crazy on stage.

failedtrans2Do you still enjoy playing the older Scars of Tomorrow songs or would you rather just play the newer material?
We have all been really happy playing a mix of both old and new songs. I don’t really have a preference on which songs to play live, just as long as they are energetic and I’m confident the crowd will be into it.

When you look back on the previous Scars of Tomorrow albums, what do you think of them now?
There’s some older songs I can really still rock out to, and many others that I could perhaps wonder if they could have been better. We always progressed as a band album to album and I think our songwriting really reached a professional level when we recorded with Kurt from Converge in 2004. With any band, we all have our favorite tracks that never get old and others that we may forget about years down the line.

Do you see Scars Of Tomorrow becoming a full time band again and how has it been to work with the other members after all this time?
We don’t have plans to do this full-time and our motives are really just to play shows as they make sense. Our current lineup is solid and I’m just excited to spend time with them as friends and playing music is just icing on the cake. We all have great synergy so we’ll see what happens as the rest of 2014 unfolds.

Are you currently involved with any other band outside of Scars of Tomorrow?
For the past 3 years or so I have been playing in a band called Fake Figures with some of my friends from other notable groups. Besides that there’s a core group of friends down here in So-Cal that get together and write music, and who knows what will come of it in the near future. I also just found out our bassist Michael Nordeen is playing for Slaves for this current August tour, that band is amazing and he’s going to kill it on stage.

What are your impressions of the current Southern California music scene?
Most of the shows I go to at this point are in other genres outside of Metal/hardcore. I run a PR firm and licensing company full-time so I’m at a lot of shows seeing clients and other friends doing their thing as musicians. It seems like the local scene is doing great in so many ways, and I do my best to support any way possible.

Any final words of wisdom?
Support your friends and their creative projects / ventures, it means more to them than you’ll ever know.

Scars of Tomorrow is:
Mike Milford
Bob Bradley
Therron Francis
Michael Nordeen
Sam Shepard

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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