Sea Dweller

Signs of a Perfect Disaster by Sea Dweller (Upside Down Recordings)

Sea Dweller is a Roman trio that perform intelligent, emotional music heavy on guitar effects with a gauzy, warm atmosphere. The band is made up of Cristiano Carosi on vocals and guitars, Paola Mattaroccia on bass and vocals and Paolo Miceli on guitars and background vocals.  Not much else is known about the trio, but they have  plenty of photos on their myspace and Facebook pages and have a few videos on Youtube along with song samples from their many releases.  What is known is evident is their various influences and their love for the sounds produced by the peripherals of the electric guitar: pedals, filters, tunings, distortion, delay and echo, and anything else that can express the otherworldly noises in their heads.

First track Jump Line invites you in with a spare drum beat, motorized bass pulse and languid guitar shimmers.  Flashes starts without preamble, a straightforward enough rock song, with subdued vocals more for texture than intelligibility, bright guitar lines are introduced, faded away, and brought back like colored scarves being juggled in the air, slowly revealing different moods and personalities each time they are repeated, making Flashes the most replayable songs in recent memory.  I See the Sea From Here opens with a distant echo of guitar chatter, bringing to mind the works of composer Steve Reich, the band piles on layers of strummed guitar and Carosi’s vocals along with Mattaroccia’s bass join in. Carosi and Miceli add even more guitar lines with slashing accents, building imperceptibly to a joyous climax.  Marion continues the rush, Carosi and Mattaroccia trading vocals to a pumping beat and jangling guitars.  Salt slows the beat down for a no less intense effect, vocals and guitars swimming in an ocean of echo, mesmerizing the senses.  Freefall closes the album in bittersweet fashion, the vocals matched by an equally forlorn mood, a lovely guitar melody gets a counterpoint from a distorted churning motif.

Sea Dweller’s Signs of a Perfect Disaster is available this April on limited edition yellow vinyl and digital download HERE.

Visit Sea Dweller at their Official Site.

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(Review by Bret Miller)


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