Doubt EP by Seanzy (Self-released EP)

5bd2bc0c2c9ba835f4ac5df13705fac331a8eb72Doubt EP by Seanzy (Self-released EP)

Seanzy is the new indie project of Sean MacDonald – best known for his work in the vastly underrated 5 Years and Counting. Once signed to InVogue Records, 5 Years and Counting presented highly emotional, extremely infectious alternative rock that should have sent the band into the stratosphere of success. The music business is indeed a fickle business, but Sean MacDonald has never been one to give it all up.

Joining forces with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You, Seanzy was created – and what an impressive next chapter it is! Combining the forces of MacDonald and Tewers has made for a devastating auditory odyssey, and the results will surely impress fans of all types of music genres.

Never one to shy away from deeply personal lyrics, Seanzy kicks off the EP with Doubt – a deeply moving track regarding a relationship with father and baby daughter. Combined with MacDonald’s expressive vocals and a gorgeously compelling music arrangement, this song definitely packs an emotional punch. “I’ve got the baby mama drama written all over me,” is part of the standout hip-hop style passage taking place mid-song.

11151065_1658775707690251_8376229643369537366_nI begin to pick of the pieces of broken thoughts and never mend” is the opening lyric of the next track Entranced – another deep and thoughtful cut demonstrating a stark maturity as one wades through a world of unease, determined to rise above darkness and discontent. Fading continues the bittersweet journey through the murky waters of the soul while revisiting the past. “So where do we go from here?” MacDonald muses with genuine conviction that rips into the heart of the matter.

She’s Wanting More is an unexpected surprise – featuring explicit lyrics about a girl who has destroyed her own life and has taken down everyone around her in the process. “It’s sad to see such a waste of beauty,” MacDonald says in resignation at the songs denouement, “You were a strong, smart passionate girl.” And then closing out the Doubt EP on a massively heartfelt note is Tears Fall, a powerful song that leaves a lasting impression with its “You left a mark on all our hearts” sentiments.

With the new beginning known as Seanzy, Sean MacDonald remains an artist who is more than ready to impact the music scene with his emotionally explosive compositions. Expect a new single entitled What Happened To The One I Loved to be unveiled on December 10th. In the meantime, check into the Doubt EP by Seanzy, and prepared to be swept away by this exhilarating artist on the rise! And if are you curious about Sean MacDonald’s past work, by all means check out the 5 Years and Counting back catalog – most of which is still available on ITunes!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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