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secretsroxy1Secrets was on Tinseltown with The Souls On Fire tour, doing direct support for none other than Jonny Craig! Their album Fragile Figures was recently issued through Velocity / Rise Records, and it’s been garnering the San Diego based collective a good deal of attention. Complete with a charismatic new front man and a summer at the Vans Warped Tour, Secrets has been unleashing their dynamic music and inspiring lyrics all across the nation. We caught up with two of the Secrets members prior to their show at the world famous Roxy Theatre on the notorious Sunset Strip. Read on as Secrets discusses the meaning behind Fragile Figures, time spent on Warped Tour, being on the road with Jonny Craig and Bleach Blonde, and other super revealing topics of interest…

Introduce yourselves, tell me what you do in Secrets, and what’s the most embarrassing song you have on your IPOD.
Aaron: My name is Aaron – I’m the vocalist – and the most embarrassing song – I’m going to go with an entire CD – Bangers by Miley Cyrus – that’s the most embarrassing CD I have on my IPOD right now. Pretty hip – pretty contemporary – you now – yeah…
Michael: I’m Michael – I play bass – I have that (Miley Cyrus) album on my IPOD. I would be embarrassed except that it’s so bad, that I don’t even have to say that I’m embarrassed. I don’t know – Good CharlotteThe Young and The Hopeless – that song Riot Girl – that song’s pretty bad. I have the whole record on there, but Riot Girl by itself is an embarrassing song – it’s like a 7th grader Goth girls anthem when I was in 7th grade.

How has this tour with Jonny Craig been going and what have been some of the highlights?
Aaron: It’s been a lot of fun. It’s definitely an eclectic group of individuals. It’s an eclectic group of artists – but I think that’s one of the aspects of this tour that makes it so cool, because we get to see a variety of different bands every single night. It’s not seeing a bunch of artist who are in the same genre – it’s literally artists from almost every single genre out there.
Michael: And it’s like super talented artists too. It’s not just like a bunch of random bands – it’s good artists! I grew up listening to Jonny CraigDance Gavin Dance’s first record is one of my favorite records still to this day. The same with Emarosa – both their records. Even Danny from Bleach Blonde was in Drop Dead, Gorgeous and I grew up listening to them as well. So I’m getting to see a lot of bands – like people I grew up idolizing – I get to tour with them now.
Aaron: It has a nostalgia factor to it.

secretsroxy2So what could one expect from a live Secrets show tonight?
Aaron: A lot of energy…
Michael: Yeah, we bounce a lot! You can expect screaming, because no one else screams on this tour either. High energy for sure! We love what we do, so we want to express that we love what we do by being as crazy as we can.

Let’s talk about the new album Fragile Figures. Where did you get the idea for the title of the album?
Aaron: Once we had written the entire album, we kind of took a step back and really tried to figure what the overarching theme was of all the songs we had written. What it all boiled back to is being fragile – and basically trying to stay strong in a cruel world. That’s how we got the name Fragile Figures, because deep down, everyone goes through a time in their life where they are fragile – and we just basically wrote a bunch of songs that we kinda wish we would have had when we were growing up, and in a fragile state.
Michael: Like an album you could turn to when you’re down – when you’re feeling fragile. Because we all have those days when we’re feeling fragile, and we all put on music – we put on sad music – we put on happy music. We have songs for everyone that is feeling anything – because music is all about how you feel and emotion. And I think we captured it pretty well with that.

Select two songs you are going to be playing tonight, and what inspired the lyrics.
Aaron: How We Survive and Ready For Repair – those are probably two of the main ones we play.  I think How We Survive and Ready For Repair have the most powerful meanings. How We Survive is really what Fragile Figures encompasses – literally how we survive in a cruel world. Ready For Repair is more about a relationship where you wish you could go back and change certain things about…
Michael: …the start of a relationship, the diamond of a relationship…
Aaron: …the honeymoon, so to speak.

Aaron, you’re the new person in the band. How intimidating was it to take on the lead vocals?
Aaron: It’s very intimidating. Just being a part of the music scene, it’s always kind of a disappointment when you see one vocalist leave and another join. I shouldn’t say disappointment, but you’re always skeptical. “Is this guy going to be good? Is he going to fill the part?” I obviously had all of those insecurities going through my head when I joined, but pretty quickly, I felt pretty welcomed into the Secrets family – not only by the band, but by the fans as well. I got a pretty warm welcoming.

secretsroxy3Do you like performing the songs off the first album The Ascent?
Aaron: Yeah, those songs are a lot of fun to play! Our live set has a pretty good mix of both old and new songs. I get to experience what Secrets was and what Secrets really is now.

What was the best worst part about being on Warped Tour?
Aaron: A lot of both – a lot of good and bad parts. It’s a lot of work! There’s probably not a single day that goes by that’s not completely miserable weather wise – it’s either really hot or really stormy. The cool aspect of it was we got to play alongside some of our favorite bands growing up – and we got to play on a tour that we all saw as one of those tours growing up that we never thought we’d actually be playing or be a part of. It was an honor to be a part of it.
Michael: That’s like living the dream – you get to play the tour you’ve fantasized about as a kid – but then there’s the parts you don’t know – like pushing your equipment through a stormy rain when it’s up to your ankles and there’s gravel underneath. Then you’re like, “Oh, wow, this is a struggle!” We’re not up there yet, where we have like a big crew behind us – we’re not “that” band yet. We want to be obviously – everyone wants to be – but not yet. So with our first experience with Warped Tour, we went out not knowing what to expect, so we were under-crewed – we were doing a lot by ourselves – and we were tired! But it was awesome! It was the best thing I’ve ever done!

What’s up next for you guys after this tour is over?
Aaron: We have a pretty good holiday break. I think we’re all pretty stoked on that. But we’ll still be releasing a lot of content digitally, just to keep everyone interested. And we’re gonna probably do some music videos and some photo shoots…
Michael: Some headliners maybe – then just enjoy the holidays – and then 2014 just go back at it full force.

Do you have any messages for your fans out here reading this right now?
Aaron: Thank you! I mean, we honestly can’t thank you guys enough. The record, Fragile Figures, I think is over 12,000 now, and still climbing…
Michael: It’s already past what The Ascent’s already done – so thank you so much for still buying records in 2013! Thank you for hanging on and hanging out seeing us – and thank you just for being there! It’s rad!

At press time, Secrets announced two special holiday shows in the Southern California area – December 27th at Chain Reaction in Anaheim and December 29th at Soma in San Diego!

Secrets is:
Aaron Melzer // Vocals
Richard Rogers // Vocals, Guitar
Michael Sherman // Guitar
Michael Owens // Bass
Joe English // Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Edward Brandon)

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