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secrets400_1Secrets, Chain Reaction, December 13, 2015

SECRETS is a post-hardcore band from San Diego, California that formed in 2010. The band then quickly signed to Rise/ Velocity Records in 2011, along with that signing came with the release of their very first album “The Ascent” in January of 2012. This album is easily the heaviest of all albums. And as for the songs from this album, this has the popular and favorite song for many long time SECRETS fans such as myself, “Somewhere In Hiding”, the song is catchy in every way possible from the clean melody of Richards’ voice that makes this the perfect song to sing along to and the screams of Aaron’s voice that add the intensity of the song, that and the breakdowns are just perfect. At this time Xander was still part of the band as frontman and he was one extremely talented vocalist, Xander then went to start up a new band. After Xander’s departure SECRETS picked up Aaron Melzer to be the newest edition to the band (ex-Author & Finisher). Aaron was a good pick because his screams are very consistent and I personally love his clean sound, by clean I mean that you can easily understand the words that, sometimes that’s a problem with bands because you cant quite understand what is being said with live performance and even recordings. That’s not the case with Aaron. But there’s a down side to this, with him being part of the band for these years he recorded Fragile Figures (2013) and toured all around the U.S and even overseas. The downside is that Aaron too departed from the band for personal reasons.

Back to the positive side of things, the rest of the band such as Richard, Sherman, Joe and even Connor have stuck around, although there hasn’t been anything saying that Connor is an official member of the band. I still consider him as a real member because he does play a big part of SECRETS, he’s been on every tour I can think of with them so he’s official in my opinion. Aside from that, the band has released an amazing acoustic EP this year (2015) called “Renditions”! The songs that are featured on Renditions are off of Fragile Figures and the Deluxe Edition of Fragile Figures. It’s a nice thing to hear the acoustic versions Dance of the Dead, Fragile Figures also Forever and Never which happens to be my favorite from the original album and the acoustic. The original song of renditions is “What’s Left Of Us” that song will hit you in the feels.

secrets400_2Now to the most important thing of all, the release of “Everything That Got Us Here” this album has been highly anticipated due to all of the recent shows that SECRETS has played, with two acoustic shows. The first at The Wiltern (12/10) in Los Angeles, the second at The Glass House Records Store in Pomona (12/11) in which I was able to attend and also this was the official release date of their new album. This night was great, there was nothing but good vibes and of course good music being played, it was a very intimate setting for the band and the fans that showed up, definitely a night to remember. Then the third show at the Soma in San Diego (12/12), then the fourth day at Chain Reaction in Anaheim (12/13).

This night was insane! The venue was packed if not sold out. Whenever SECRETS plays at Chain it’s always been a good turnout even when they were still an unsigned local band. I should mention the this brand new album is absolutely amazing, it seems to have more clean vocals than the previous albums but there’s still the good screams that is thanks to the newest member of the band, Wade Walters. Wade fits right into SECRETS perfectly. Its hard to choose which song would be my favorite if I were to ask, but I would definitely recommend you take a listen to “Learn To Love”. And if you got the extra money then be sure to pick up Everything That Got Us Here. I did, I actually bought the album multiple times but its worth it because it’s me supporting my favorite band, the band that personally means so much to me, so much that I even got their S logo tattooed, I’ve watched SECRETS grow into to the band that they are today and they deserve everything that’s lead to their huge success because they have worked for it. SECRETS will continue to grow, they ended 2015 in such a great way with new music and all these hometown shows. 2016 will be even better! Be sure to catch them for any future tours, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

(Review and Photos by Santos Velasco)

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