Introducing Seladora: Music from the Heart

Seladora may be unsigned, but this Augusta, GA based band has been gaining friends and fans all across the nation due to their impassioned songs, live shows, and consistent online presence.  Their recent full length album The Restless Wanderers is a powerful collection of songs that will inspire and enlighten many.  Mixing metal and hardcore with a classic indie DIY vibe, Seladora present music from the heart.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with one of the Seladora members to find out more about this tremendous up and coming band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Seladora, and how long the band has been together.
My name is David Brown, I write, play guitar, and sing for Seladora. The band ‘name’ has been around since my freshman year in high school (about 6 years). The more recent line up has been around coming up on 2 years I believe.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Any local bands you could recommend?
Seladora is based out of Augusta but we have some of our members spread out. Alek (vocalist) is from Missouri and our new drummer, Jake Stringer is also from Missouri. Our local scene thrives on ‘real’ hardcore. Melodic, traditional, whatever spin the kids want to take with it. Some really awesome metalcore bands there too. Roselyn, Avia Maris, and Ironwill (despite recent tiffs) are some really cool bands to check out.

Is there any story or concept behind The Restless Wanderers CD title? Do you feel like a restless wanderer?
Well, while TRW was in the making, we set out to make it a concept CD, but with the direction most bands were going, we decided to shift courses and pursue something a little different. Our general motif for whole CD, generally, is based around the questioning of everyone’s, as well as our own, integrity. We really tried to pick apart the fiber and get to the core of each person and make them question, and possibly drive out, the natural, immoral, nature of our minds.

Please select a song from The Restless Wanderers and tell me what inspired the lyrics.
Disconnect: Reconnect directly relates to the previous question. It’s a song about the person you really are and whether or not you really feel content with that. It also makes reference to a reoccuring theme in metalcore about ‘dead’ christianity. Nothing sacreligious, but trying to re-ignite some sort of legitimacy in one’s faith.

What was it like working with Landon Tewers of The Plot In You and how did he become involved with the album?
We asked a lot of people to do guest vocals on the CD. A lot of really big name people, and a lot of our friends, but unfortunately due to conflicting schedules, it just wasn’t possible. One of those bigger name people being Landon. Landon is a really nice guy, Ray knows him a little better than I, but he was really easy to work with and was very prompt in his work, which made things very convenient.

How does this new album compare with your previous one With The Voice Of Archangel?
Oh gosh, that was a lifetime ago. When that album came out, we set out to do what we set out to do with TRW, only we were a lot younger then. Our tastes matured, and our writing capabilities changed, and so did our line up. It was a completely different formula trying to something a little different for the music society. We all have our influences and we rely on them heavily, but we try harder and harder to avoid the cliches of metalcore (as rampant as they are). With each CD, we strive to be more unique and do something different, but still keeping our initial flare.

You are about to record yet another album. Is there any working title and what will the music be like?
Somewhat yes. Not a full length. That will come a little bit further down the road. We wrote and recorded TRW almost a year ago, so we had new material and just wanted to share it with everyone. There is a title in the works, but it’s not final and I can’t say what it is yet! The music will be a bit more of a traditional approach. Most bands are trying to progess into new genres, while I feel we are taking more of a degressive approach whilst combining some modern influences.

What could one expect from a live Seladora show?
Heart. We love the music we play more than anything. We play each show to the fullest of our capabilities. No matter if its ten kids versus 1,000 kids. We try as much as possible to keep the crowd in tune with us with a lot of crowd participation and our own animations. We’re always thinking of ways to improve our live performance and build more energy.

Is there any chance of Selodora coming over to the Los Angeles area to do some shows?
We are touring in February. We’re hitting Puerto Rico in the first week then coming back stateside to do a lot of east coast shows. We are looking in to doing some west coast dates as well. But nothing is for certain. A lot of times, bookers don’t like to pay the bands so it’s a huge risk to drive out really far and then get stranded because we don’t have any money for gas. I think maybe this tour, if not, then definitely the next.

Being unsigned, how easy or difficult has it been to book tours on your own?
Almost impossible. With economy coming out of a slump and people still struggling, bookers want to see how you sell most of the time to see if they can make a profit. We’ve never had our CD in stores so the bookers have nothing to go by but our music and word of mouth promotion. It’s really difficult, but we don’t ask for a lot so it makes in possible in some cases. We appreciate any bookers that take the risk of booking us. We understand its a business as well as an art, so we do our best for them because we know it’s difficult to put food on the table at times.

Any strange, unusual, or scary stories from the road you could share?
Oh my goodness, haha, yes I do. While heading home from our first or second tour, I can’t remember, our brakes were giving out on us hard. We’re coming down the hills of Tennessee. Our brake line was cut, so the brake fluid was leaking onto the brake pads themselves. Well, our merch guy for that tour was riding the brakes (he didn’t know not to do that) down the hills. Thus, our brakes got really really hot, and brake fluid being flamable, our tires caught on fire. Our merch guy realized something was wrong, he pulled over and we all got out. We were all checking the van when one of our old guitarists Art saw that the tires were on fire. We all ran like 30 yards away from the van thinking it was going to blow up. Someone, I can’t remember who, pulled out a jug of water and threw them on the tires. After hours of pep talk, Ray and Art got into the van, threw it into 2nd gear, and let the transmission keep them from flying down the mountain. The rest of us, who were too afraid we would die somehow, stayed behind. Then realizing that they made it down safely, we all had to run almost a half of a mile to catch up to them. That was a good day. haha

Would you consider Seladora to be a Christian band or ministry? Why or why not?
We’ve gone back and forth on that. We’ve even been a secular band as well. Which is what we are at the time. Our changing has nothing to do with our faith faltering by any means. With the way most christians approach ministry, and the idea of profiteering off of God sitting on our minds, we decided to abandon the “title.” When you’re a christian band, kids are constantly waiting for you to slip up, and when you slip up, everyone will instantly call you a fake or a hypocrite. Which being perfect is not what Christianity is about. We also wish to glorify God, and not have the title of “christian band” glorify us. We still sing about christian ideals and about God, we just don’t preach while we’re on stage anymore. Anyone can ask us what we believe and we will let them know, we aren’t ashamed or anything, we just have our way of doing things.

How does Ray’s solo project As Winter Breaks compare to the music of Seladora?
It’s much different. As of now I’ve been writing a greater proportion of the music and I have more a traditional taste in writing, but Ray plays a very large part in the creative process and he brings alot more of our ‘modern’ sound to the mix. AWB is a bit more soft, I do my own side project, but that’s still in the works. It’s going to be alternative/folk/blues. Mostly focusing on guitar work, but I will sing a little bit on it. Ray is a very talented musician. He even brings some things over from AWB and makes them heavier and tosses it in a song or two every now and then.

Tell me about your previous vocalist Cody Landrum and how what was your reaction when you found out he had passed away? How has it affected and continues to affect your band?
Cody Landrum will always be in our hearts. He has played a big part of our past, and he will continue to be one of the supporting foundations for this band. This band was his dream as it is ours, and because of him, we keep writing music and we keep playing shows and we try to focus on the music itself and put everything aside because music was the most important thing to Cody, and it’s very important to us.

If there was one thing you’d like a listener to remember after hearing your music for the very first time, what would it be?
We just want listeners to enjoy what they hear. We want to illustrate emotion and passion and we want the listener to experience those emotions just as intensely as we do. We strive to be unique because we how redundant a lot of bands can be today. Each day we push ourselves to do it a little differently. We want kids to be inspired by music just like we were when music became a large part of our lives. Ultimately, we want kids to feel what we feel when we originally wrote the songs.

Any final words of wisdom?
Well, listen and/or play the music you love. Work hard and be perseverant and you will successful in all aspects of life!

Seladora is:
Alek Tippie – Vocals
David Brown – Guitar/Vocals
Ray Prichard – Guitar/Vocals
Alex Mendez – Drums/Vocals
John “Mimsy” Minor – Bass

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Kristy 8 years ago

    You guys have a new drummer? Are you getting rid of Alex? Great article btw

  2. Andrew 8 years ago

    They didn’t get rid of Alex. Alex had to leave because of finances and bills. That amongst other things.

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