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With their debut release Inheritors, Serianna provided an impressive technical metal composite of sound that garnered the band a good deal of attention. Massive touring and membership changes would result within the next three years, and out of the life lessons would emerge the creation known as Define Me. A deeply personal effort showing a band willing to expand their sound in big and glorious ways, Define Me by Serianna is a mesmerizing effort were faith and determination ultimately prevail. The lyrics are poignant and explosive and the metallic soundscapes show a band at a creative renaissance. Anyone struggling with any kind of dream in life is sure to find a kindred spirit when reading through the passionate lyrics contained within.

Photo Credit: Rocky Morgan

Photo Credit: Rocky Morgan

Define Me kicks off on an earth shattering note with Like Glass, with the towering sentiments “You’re the man I someday wish to be, the lessons learned have always set me free” packing an emotional wallop. “One day you’ll wake up and feel like you’re all alone,” the cathartic refrains of Shadowcast promise, with its “What sickness are you hiding behind?” inquiry leaving the listener breathless. “Stay gold, through all the dead ends,” screams the darkly introspective Analog, followed by Full Circle, where approval by others close to you is not so easily obtained when it comes to pursuing your ambitions.

Drifter is absolutely dreamlike and spellbinding, with passionate clean vocals that soar into the stratosphere. “I can’t sleep, I can’t breathe, nothing is making sense to me,” render this track rather impactful. Up next we encounter the Snake Oil Salesman, a powerful song sure to leave an impression on all who cast doubt upon something you believe in so passionately. The Fallout is a dazzling instrumental interlude that will permeate your senses followed by the confrontational strains of the mighty Pariah. Included within Pariah is a devastating guest vocal by Chad Ruhlig of For The Fallen Dreams and Legend.

The spacey Outlander then transports you into the hellish realms of Burial Ground, a ferocious cut that will leave the listener reeling. “This life is a precious gift, don’t take it away,” slams the chorus of Exist To Outlive, where the atmospheric guitars and tremendously tight rhythm section render this one a standout. “I’ve spent too much time in such a terrible place,” the vocals muse in the dazzling Define Yourself, an anthem of perseverance that is staggering to behold. This track features an appearance by Brandon Englehart of A King At Heart, an up and coming collective from Saginaw, Michigan.

And then closing out the disc on fervent note is Remove Rebuild, a startling finale with epic guitar work, blistering rhythms, and impassioned vocals concluding Define Me on a brutally triumphant note. Shawn Spann of I, The Breather contributes guest vocals to the fiery grand finale.

All performances found within Serianna are absolutely first rate, unleashed by members who are extremely passionate about the sonic artistry they are presenting. The Serianna lineup consists of Chris Nutting on vocals, Kris Meyer-Ruef on guitar, Rocky Morgan on guitar, Jimmy McClanahan on bass, and Chris Ferraro on drums. When listening to the breathtaking tones Define Me, even the most unobtainable goals will suddenly seem within one’s grasp. Define Me by Serianna is a fascination second chapter to what is sure to be a vast and brilliant career.  Producer by Josh Schroeder, whose impressive credits include new albums from For Today and The Color Morale.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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