SERPENTIA returns on stage after 7-year hiatus! New album in November!

London/Cracow-based band Serpentia, that released two highly acclaimed albums for Metal Mind Productions in the previous decade, returns with third full release. The album entitled “The Day In The Year Of Candles” will be the first Serpentia recording since 2004 when “Nails Enigma” hit the stores.

Since June 2011 the band is working at Gorycki & Sznyterman studio in Cracow to record its third album. Jarek Baran, who worked with the band in the past at their debut „Dark Fields Of Pain” (as well as with such acts as Fear Factory, Paradise Lost, Delights) is recording and producing this new effort. The reports documenting the recording process can be already viewed at bands official Youtube channel –

The artwork was designed by Michał Karcz. Similarly to previous album the band prepared full lyrical concept for this album. This time the story begins in Heaven. After the misterious disappearance of God, the archangel Gabriel proclaims heaven the republic – this decision will begin the unexpecter war in heaven, hell and on earth. The story of betrayal, conspiracy, search for own identity – these are just several plots of the story called “The Day In The Year Of Candles“. More info coming soon!


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