Shape Shift by Zombi (Relapse Records)

shape shift zombiShape Shift by Zombi (Relapse Records)

After touring with the legendary Goblin, also a huge influence on the band, the instrumental duo Zombi return with the visceral sounds of Shape Shift. Opening track Pillars of the Dawn features precision percussion and varied synthesizer approaches to create an epic space rock voyage.  There’s much to appreciate about a track like Toroidal Vortices where drummer A.E. Paterra takes a leisurely pace, allowing room for Steve Moore’s dirtied up bass funk and flights of keyboard fantasy.  Interstellar Package takes us into deep space on a dangerous mission, Moore playing slow and low, then high and majestic on the keys, he and Paterra beckoning you into their tale, synth warbles bring a threatening undercurrent, Paterra keeps the track mid-tempo throughout, adding splashes of cymbals, reinforcing Moore’s spooky and thrilling sci-fi narrative.

On Shadow Hand the duo play it cool, with just a hint of menace, a thuggish bass bullying its way into the second half, yet the song never quite rocks out.  Metaverse pulls you in with swirling keyboards and bass bounce, Paterra working his kit, adding color with his cymbals and fills as Moore delivers some analog synthesizer magic.  Shape Shift ends with the post-apocalyptic dirge Siberia II, the sequel to Siberia, as heard on the Digitalis EP from 2011.  For Pt. II Paterra plays a barely changing beat, the ride cymbal slowly tap tap tapping into your psyche as Moore’s synths vibrate and scour your senses, creating visions of snow-swept landscapes, a lone figure trudging along, seeking shelter and sustenance, the frozen horizon bringing little hope of survival.

Steve Moore recently scored the original soundtrack for the Belgian horror movie Cub.  His analog synthesizers and percussion create claustrophobia, terror and excitement.  You might not want to listen to the Cub OST after dark.

You can find Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra’s solo work as Majeure and collaborations on Bandcamp.

(by Bret Miller)

Relapse Records


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