Shonen Knife, Never Ever, Fantasica Bastidas

Shonen Knife, Never Ever, Fatastica Bastidas, Spaceland, Septermber 14, 2010

Fantasica Bastidas are currently performing songs from off of their debut CD. Being from San Gabriel Valley, playing art noise alternative punk rock (not industrial), they fit right into the groove of what Silverlake is known for – pop independent art alternative style scene. The guitarist made so many different kinds of noises with his guitar with additional rational chord structured progressions. The band reminded me of what Third Grade Teacher, The Black Watch and Pigmy Love Circus for what they where doing in the 80’s and 90’s. At one point during the set the guitarist and the female bass player switched vocals and switched instruments as well for a couple of songs. They ended up playing a good solid fifty minutes. One of the best songs was a tune called Spirit. This song felt like spirits were around all of us in the audience getting us to want to move around in awe of what the band was playing.

Never Ever have some singles and other stuff on vinyl I found out after the show was over. Not sure if they have a CD out or not. Coconut Shampoo was a highlight of the pop bands arsenal this evening. They mix pop with soft hints of Blondie and Eartha Kitt female vocals to make up the four piece ensembles sound.

Shonen Knife are on tour all the way from Japan. They did two sets of songs this day in Los Angeles. They did an in store performance at 5:00PM in Hollywood at Amoeba Records. I missed that 8 song set. But I was told they did the cover of The Carpenters hit Top Of The World during the in store performance. Tonight they had a completely sold out show. Camera’s were flashing all over the room.

They ended up playing 18 songs and one encore. After the set they went and hung out at their merchandise table signing whatever you wanted and taking pictures too. Shonen Knife has out more than 16 different CD’s to play songs from. The girls performed a few songs from off the newest release Free Time from Good Charamel Records. The audience enjoyed such songs tonight as Rock ‘N’ Roll Cake, Perfect Freedom, Monster Jellyfish and Capybara. Capybara would make for a great video and could help the band be more in touch with an even younger audience with this song (A children’s record next from this trio?).

The bands politeness reminds you of the early Beatl’s invasion with the bowing and waving …ect.. It’s really rather cute gesture-wise watching the girls do this. Make sure to catch this band out while they are currently touring The United States. I really do think that this band should be on The Vans Warped Tour next year. If you missed this show also go pick up their new DVD Live At Mohawk Place 2009.

(Review and Photo by Jonathan D. Wright)

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  1. chickeee in Canada 8 years ago

    Shonen Knife is the real thing. Fun to see them live

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