The Shook Tour 2012 with Within The Ruins, Adestria, Erra, and Shall See His Fate

The Shook Tour 2012 with Within The Ruins, Adestria, Erra, and Shall See His Fate, Cobalt Café, July 20th, 2012

Within The Ruins, Adestria and Erra are currently on The Shook Clothing Tour 2012, playing dates all across the country. One stop including a show at the Cobalt Café in Canoga Park, CA, where kids from the San Fernando Valley were able to acquaint themselves to these three up and coming acts, as well as see an entire selection of local talent.

Bands not on the touring package slated to perform that night included Shall See His Fate, Extinguish The Anomaly, The Arcayne Syndrome, Decoding The Abacus, Sentinel, and Varuna. Prestige from Seattle, WA kicked off the show, also making their way to the Southland on their own tour, winning over the early arrivals as well as achieving multiple mentions from many of the signed acts of the bill. Here are the bands that we caught at the venerable SFV establishment on a very very warm Friday night.


There are so few instrumental bands today able to retain the interest of an audience – one of the most revered being the mighty meanderings of Pelican. Well, we have one here in the 818 more then ready to explode into the consciousness of the national music scene who go by the name of Shall See His Fate. Mixing a heavy progressive element with tasty metal guitar licks and even supersonic breakdowns, Shall See His Fate enraptured all those waiting for the touring package to commence. The dual axe work of Vince Galipo and Rob Collao was stunning to witness, searing the air with a mesmerizing wall of sound. The rhythm section, consisting of Jonny T on bass and Tony Vila on drums, performed with an expert precision. Opening with the astonishing reveries of To Whom It May Concern, Shall See His Fate blasted into a set that including a standout cut entitled There Is No Happy Side. The band has been tempting musical fate since November of 2008. It is surely encouraging to see collectives such as Shall See His Fate striving for innovation, yet remaining thoroughly accessible.  Be sure to catch these guys the next time they play a show near you!


The Shook Clothing part of the evening kicked off with an almighty intensity, courtesy of Erra from Birmingham, Alabama. Presenting their own imaginative brand of progressive metalcore, Erra performed selections from their recently released Tragic Hero debut entitled Impulse. Fans of acts such as Misery Signals and Born Of Osiris are sure to encounter a brave new favorite, especially while witnessing what Erra has to offer in a live setting. The infernal growled inflections of the charismatic Garrison Lee are perfectly matched by the soaring clean vocals of guitarist Jesse Cash. The musicianship found within Erra is tremendously first rate, showing a band more than capable of touring with metalcore bands and able to hold their own if an entity like Meshuggah comes a-calling looking for a reliable support act. Tunes such as Vaalbara and Efflorescent definitely made an impact with the crowd. Definitely possessing musical ambition well beyond what is expected from the genre, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store the Erra. Be sure to check them out in the small venues will you still can!


Adestria has certainly been generating a positive buzz since the release of Chapters, their grand debut from Artery Recordings earlier in the year. Now on The Shook Tour 2012, one could clearly see that this San Diego based band definitely lives up to the hype. Songs such as Compromised and 1984 really had the crowd paying attention, as many appeared to already know the words. One of the exciting highlights was the haunting This Ship, My Coffin, which absolutely reverberated throughout the walls of the Cobalt Café. Standout performances included the ferocious vocals of Matt Anderson, as well as the striking keyboard interludes presented by Mikey Colasardo. The guitar work was driving and imaginative, while the rhythm section brought it all home with a vengeance. Adestria may be in the process of paying their dues now, but they will be headlining their own shows in no time at all. Exuding a sense of passion and artistry in their live show, Adestria is well on their way to the top of heap.


The last time Within The Ruins made their way to the Cobalt was for The Portal Tour, supporting the likes of Ion Dissonance and Arsonists Get All the Girls. Two years later, the Westfield, MA outfit triumphantly return, headlining The Shook Tour 2012 Tour. With music out now on Victory Records, a good deal of the crowd were extremely familiar with the sonic assaults Within The Ruins spewed forth. Controller sent the pit into overdrive and a new song entitled Feeding Frenzy was also well received. Within The Ruins has developed into a musical force to be reckoned with, and it appears that their hard work and dedication is beginning to pay off big time! With a new album about to be released and a whole collection of songs that are already much revered by their audience, expect Within The Ruins to explode onto even greater glories by this time next year! A gripping conclusion to a night packed to the brim with promising bands.

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)


Presented by the folks at Twohearts Promotions – be sure to support the shows this company brings to the Cobalt and the various other venues they book throughout Southern California!  Thanks to Dave, John, and Adam at the Cobalt for supporting our local and national music scene!

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