Silver Colored Babies EP by Horsha on the Moon (Self-Released)

horsha silver ep coverSilver Colored Babies EP by Horsha on the Moon (Self-Released)

Arshak Alozian takes center stage as songwriter, singer and guitarist for Horsha on the Moon, the latest project by the former The Pacific and The Bixby Knolls member.  Joined by old friend and music partner Curt Barlage, the Silver Colored Babies EP is four tracks of pop-tinged noise rock showcasing Arshak’s scathing and melodic guitar work.  Barlage produced, played drums on the songs and plays bass live, with Pablo Orue on drums live.  The co-conspirators Alozian and Barlage have been friends since they were kids in the southern suburbs of Los Angeles, and as heard here they have moved away from the perfect-pop new wave tinged Knolls and 60’s-70’s British rock of The Pacific, instead opting for chaotic yet tuneful garage rock. Alozian’s vocals are high and strong, cutting through the guitar buzz and Barlage’s often bombastic percussion.

Lose Me rings and whines with slashing six strings and crashing cymbals, the raucous chorus barely tempered by the catchy pop verses.  Chalfonte flips that recipe with tense chanted verses and soothing power pop choruses, leading up to a fiery guitar breakdown that burns out to silence.  Silver Colored Babies goes for the throat, a clear melodic progression is played for super high intensity, and just when you’d expect a little relief, Alozian hits you with razor-sharp guitar riffs to bring the song home.  The Silver Colored Babies EP closes with Soul In-Out, a creepy and crawly and cool tale of anxiety and regret with a killer groove and tasty guitar solo.

If you like your pop music played by talented musicians at maximum intensity, give Horsha on the Moon a listen on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  You can buy the EP on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.  The Lay Down EP is also available.

(by Bret Miller)

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