Six Wrong Stories: getting it right!

Six Wrong Stories is a melodic punk/pop band based out of Sweden whom, judging by what’s heard and seen on their Myspace, are surely getting it right with fans all over the world.  They’ve just released a self-titled EP and will soon be in the process of recording a full length.  Here is a recent interview I conducted with vocalist Marcus Kindbom to find out more about this up and coming band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Six Wrong Stories, and how long the band has been together.
Hello, my name is Marcus. I’m the singer in Six Wrong Stories. We are a five piece band from Örebro, Sweden. We’ve been a band since March 2009, but it was when I joined up in late August the band started for real. We’ve just released our self-titled EP and in June will start recording our debut album with 12 awesome songs!

Where is the band from and what is your local music scene like there?
We are from Örebro, Sweden. I love the way Swedish scenes are built. There is a lot of opportunities to promote your band and to get gigs and so on. Our local gig arrangers Bring The Noise has been booking big bands lately, like For The Fallen Dreams, Yashin, Confession, Iwrestledabearonce, The Chariot and so on.. So the underground scene starting to become bigger now… I like that…

How do the two brothers in the band Marcus and Niclas get along and how did they wind up in the band together?
They’ve been best friends forever so it has never been any problem with them.. To be honest… We are all like brothers! 😀

How difficult is it to have two Marcus’ in the band?
It’s pretty hard. It happens a lot that people shouting MARCUS!!! and both of us answer. But we’ve been told by our manager to get artist names. So Marcus, the guitarist found the awesome name “Maggie”. I can’t understand how he’s thinking since that’s a girl name.. haha!

Where did you get the ideas for some of the song lyrics on the EP? Please cite two song examples and what the lyrics are about.
We have for example Matchless. It’s about breakups and love story! 🙂 Hard question. The best way is to listen and feel it yourself!

Tell me about the new song Hero Of My Own, and where you got the idea for the lyrics on that one.
Hero of My Own is the new sound of Six Wrong Stories.. In June we will enter the studio to record our debut album consisting 12 songs. The album will be released this fall.
The lyrics is about no matter what happens you will always have yourself. And in that way, You are the hero of your own, And I am the hero of my own.

What could one expect from a live Six Wrong Stories show?
You can expect a band who loves what they are doing and doing everything we can for the fans to get a pleasant memory. Live show is the best way to fully enjoy our music and us.

Where did you get the name Six Wrong Stories, and why are there six of them?
Since there ain’t a story behind the name, I have to say that the sixth member of Six Wrong Stories is our lovely fans! <3

Who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for in the past, and what was the experience like?
Yashin is the best band we’ve played with so far. It was a cool experience to see them. SO FKN AWESOME! Check them out!

How close are you to Gothenburg and what do you think of bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity?
It’s like 2-3 hours from here. Personally I don’t like In Flames that much. But Christoffer (Bassplayer) does! And who is Dark Tranquility? Guess that’s not my scene! 🙂

Six Wrong Stories is invited to appear on a punk pop tribute to Abba! What song would you play by Abba and why?
I think we would make a cool cover of Our Last Summer. We’ve made some acapella covers of it in our rehearsal room. But I like Does Your Mother Know. I think we could make an awesome cover of it 😀

Are there any Six Wrong Stories groupies wandering around the streets of Örebro or beyond?
Yes. We have plenty of groupies in Sweden. Some of them want more of us then others… Personally I don’t like that groupie thingy but it’s nice that people like us! 🙂

Any strange or unusual Myspace stories you could share?
I got a mail for some day ago. It was a girl from Florida asking me if I wanted to move over there and become her husband 🙂 but I’ll guess more things like that will come… In some way I like strange things happening to me

Do you have any messages for people reading this right now who might want to check out your band?
Keep listening to us! And stay as our sixth member! 😉 And stay tuned for our debut album. And hopefully we will be touring a lot this fall ! 🙂 And I love to keep in touch with our fans so everyone who has questions can send me a pm @ myspace or something and I will answer it!  🙂 And a small shout out to our closest friends. You know who you are! And of course the fans ! We love you guys! 😀

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Six Wrong Stories on Myspace

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  1. Chanelle 8 years ago

    you go Marcus! haha. det gick ju trots allt!

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