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Skeletonsrev1Skeletons by Sirens & Sailors (Artery / Razor & Tie Records)

Sirens & Sailors has been proving to be a worthy successor to technical bands such as Cynic and The Human Abstract.  Combining metalcore with brutally progressive elements, this Rochester, NY based band fearlessly mix their musical genres, coming up with an exhilarating sound that will thrill serious extreme music aficionados.  Skeletons is their debut for Artery Recordings, an epic step in the right direction that should secure them a rabid following in no time at all. Recorded and mixed by Carson Slovak (August Burns Red) and Grant McFarland (Affiance) with a skilled precision, Skeletons is the result of years of hard work and DIY touring.

After an ominous introduction entitled Inception, Sirens & Sailors explode into the stratosphere with The Chosen One, demonstrating just how remarkably tight and resourceful they are as a unit of musicians. Go For The Throat does just as the title suggests, lunging at the jugular with a tremendous ferocity. Straightjacket is blistering and suffocating, a super intensive track that leaves you breathless.

Photo by Josiah Moore

Photo by Josiah Moore

Exorcist is guaranteed to scare out the devil with its imaginative guitar work and thrashing beats going into sonic overdrive. Not That Easy continues the journey into the land of blast beats and vibrant technical playing, with superb performance from all involved. Reflection is an instrumental reprieve before the pedal is placed to the metal with Born & Raised (Flower City) at full-on maximum impact.

Calm Before The Storm is moody and spiraling, followed by the relentless strains of the mighty Weight Of The World. Hold Fast soars with its melodic textures and ultimately crushing soundscapes. And then closing out the disc is the impressive title cut Skeletons, sending the listener into an absolute state of heavy, ultrasonic bliss.

The dynamic Sirens & Sailors collective consists of Kyle Bihrle on vocals, Todd Golder on guitar and vocals, Jimm Lindsley on guitar, Steve Goupil on bass, and Doug Court on drums. A mesmerizing, pummeling adventure in sound that you’ll want to experience tenfold, Skeletons by Sirens & Sailors is an electrifying magnum opus that is not to be missed!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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