For All I Am

Skinwalker by For All I Am (Equal Vision Records)

The debut full length from For All I Am is sure to enrapture post hardcore fans looking for something exciting and positive to add into their lives and music collections. One of the newest signings to Equal Vision Records, with songs as powerful as what’s heard within Skinwalker, expect For All I Am to hit the big leagues in no time at all.  Lone Wolf (the previous EP) only gave subtle hints to what this Chicago-based collective is fully capable of, and Skinwalker is nothing short of a promise thoroughly fulfilled. Fans of acts such as The Devil Wears Prada and We Came As Romans will surely discover a new favorite when encountering the sonic artistry presented by For All I Am.

The disc commences with the thunderous strains of For Too Long I’ve Let It Haunt Me, instantly conveying how impassioned the band is. A thrilling track that will make even the most cynical music listener stand up, open their eyes, and take heed.

A life of regret is not worth living anyway,” is the grand declaration to found within the triumphant Make History, a potent track that will make the listener want to take on the world. “You can’t stop us now,” screams the introduction on the supremely heavy Oppressor, complete with driving breakdowns sure to cause heavy pit action all across the nation.

Living Dead has a spiraling chorus that fans will be singing along with at live shows. Eye Of The Storm showing diversity and imagination – as well as how far For All I Am has matured  as musicians since their Lone Wolf days. Mind Trap merges into ominous territory combined with an explosive sense of dynamics rendering this one a standout.

I, Artificial contains epic breakdowns and staggering choruses that send the room spinning with it’s “So sleep with the lights on, because they’ll find you” lyrics ringing a rousing sense of urgency. Limbo is a sweeping ballad with gentle clean vocals that ascends into a cosmic explosion of sound at its conclusion. The frantic Forgotten then follows, like a swift jolt to the senses.

The grand finale emerges with Strange Daze, ending the musical journey with a colossal bang. The ten songs found on Skinwalker are always intriguing, whether it’s the heartfelt lyrics or explosive musical interludes, this one is sure to be stuck on repeat within many a stereo system.

The resourceful For All I Am lineup consists of Aria Yavarinejad on vocals, Chase Wagster on vocals and guitar, Tom Crisp on guitar, Mario Roche on bass, and Aaron Martinez on drums – all placing a good deal of passion and imagination into their art.  Skinwalker was impeccably produced by Will Putney, whose credits include the likes of Like Moths To Flames, Texas In July and Chiodos.  Skinwalker is sure to excite and devastate all whom encounter its gripping reveries and is highly recommended.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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