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InVogue Records has been going on a signing spree lately, adding some impressive bands to their already thriving roster of talent. One of their latest additions is Sleep City from Providence, Rhode Island – a post hardcore band who is really beginning to make waves all across the nation. Judging by what’s heard on their debut EP Still Breathing, Sleep City is sure to awaken many who enjoy such noted acts such as Bless The Fall and The Word Alive.

After a brief introduction with the puzzling title of 0FB3F594D9, the disc kicks into high supersonic gear with the soaring melodies of The Artic Oasis. One notices instantly how solid and impassioned the various membership of Sleep City is. Blueprints For A Dream is up next with its spiraling wall of sound and deeply felt vocals.

The Road to Awe (Xibalba) is epic and dynamic, showing a highly ambitious side of the band’s songwriting prowess. The combination is [Ante Meridiem] and Post Meridiem is a further demonstration of a band not wishing to be limited by any certain genre or style – effortlessly going from a dreamy reverie to super intensive.

Closing out the album is a four-minute song entitled The Five And A Half Minute Hallway, an infectious conclusion ending Still Breathing on a dazzling note. Once again, Sleep City injects a sense of wonder and imagination into the composition, and the overall result is near mesmerizing.

The Sleep City line-up is especially impressive and resourceful, consisting of Kevin Coulombe on vocals, Stephen Tartaglia on vocals, Matt Baglini in guitar, Kyle Asselin on guitar and programming, Mike Nelson on bass, and Matt “Beard” O’Brien on drums. A grand beginning to what is sure to be a brilliant career in music, Still Breathing by Sleep City is one of those recordings you’ll want to revisit time and again – hearing different things with each and every listen. It will be exciting to see what this collective comes up with next.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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