Sleep For Sleepers

What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again by Sleep For Sleepers (Self-released EP)

Sleep For Sleepers may find themselves taking the DIY route after their stunning debut release on Dreamt Music from last year, but What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again continues to show why this band is so vastly underrated. A wondrous progression that started with The Clearing and their earlier work as The Red Coterie, the six new songs (plus three bonus tracks on the special editions) are staggering and emotionally driven. Featuring inspiration lyrical content and soaring musical interludes, the songs are an absolute thrill to the senses.

The disc opens will the exhilarating Meaningless! Meaningless! Everything Is Meaningless!, instantly entrancing the listener in with it’s impassioned, sweeping intricacies. Virginia Beach is up next – a big, gorgeous rock anthem that would really be terrific to hear on the airwaves – if the radio was actually playing anything worthwhile these days.

A Time To Be Silent, A Time To Speak features dazzling guitar work and expressive vocals that are extremely poignant. Feather Light Feathers is brilliant and atmospheric, and can definitely send a listener in flight with its soaring musical passages.

The Heights We’ve Come To Fear is a phenomenal love song – lush, wistful, and filled with beauty and optimism – easily one of the best tracks Sleep For Sleepers has ever committed to disc. Of What I Have, Let It Be Enough is spiritual and enlightening – definitely a signature song for the mighty aural experience that is Sleep For Sleepers.

On the Special Edition, there are two acoustic tracks – a sweet and hypnotic rendition of The Fearless (original version on The Clearing) and the introspective So You Found. Their Christmas song The Smaller The House, The Brighter The Lights also makes a reappearance – multi-layered and majestic beyond compare.

The Sleep By Sleepers lineup includes Jamey Price on vocals and guitar, Chris Kellogg in guitar, and Jon Rowe on bass. In an age of unremarkable, disposable trends, it is exciting to see a band like Sleep By Sleepers releasing quality music of such depth and magnetism. What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again is an ironic title to be sure, as the band strives for originality and impact – and judging by their current musical output – this collective succeeds in a big and glorious way. Check out what Sleep For Sleepers has to offer, and prepare to be mesmerized by independent music all over again. For fans of Ride, Copeland, and anything else that inspires the senses…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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