Sleep Now Sivylla

Self-titled by Sleep Now Sivylla (Self-released EP)

A member of the local Longview, TX metal scene for a while now, Sleep Now Sivylla is certain to reawaken themselves on a national level – judging by the ferocious content heard on their just released Self Titled EP.

On the spiritual side of the spectrum, Sleep Now Sivylla compares exceptionally well to anything Solid State and Facedown are placing out onto disc these days. The four songs found within are impassioned and brutal, destined to gain these guys a rabid following well beyond the vast confines of the Lone Star State.

Crush the head of the serpent! And burn down his throne!” screams the first song Walk To Asia, whose crucial lyrical content is inspiring to behold. The music grabs you by the throat instantly and refuses to loosen up on its lethal grip.

Pittsburgh Nellie is vast and ambitious in scope, complete with a gang chorus at the end that is sure to have the audience singing along. One of the most thrilling tracks on the EP and easier the best song the band has ever recorded.

Tear this sin from my flesh!” is the worship call on 3:16 To Yuma, the oldest song on the EP and the perhaps the most devastating as well. This one is guaranteed to not only send the hardcore pits into overdrive, but will leave you with plenty to reflect upon. The band has filmed a terrific video to this track which may be viewed at the conclusion of this review…

The decisive call to faith ends way to soon with the unearthly sounds of Azmodeous Of Azeroth. “We have betrayed our God,” is the cry at the beginning of the song, guaranteed to send chills down your spine. Eventually bursting into a sonic wall of sound, the track shows just how exciting and resourceful the Sleep Now Sivylla collective is.

Fans of bands such as Underoath and Norma Jean will think they’ve hit a treasure trove of sonic enlightenment when encountering the mesmerizing metal sensation known as Sleep Now Sivylla. The music is absolutely explosive and the lyrics impassioned and sincere.

All members of the band shine throughout the recording, including Zach Canter on vocals, Trevor Adams on drums and vocals, Josh Hardin on lead guitar, Peter Elijah in rhythm guitar, and Will Fisher on bass. Recorded with skilled precision by Drew Emory at My Plastic Studios.

Unsigned for now, but do not even expect Sleep Now Sivylla to hold on to that status for long. An impressive debut from a band on a mission who are destined for the big time.

Now available on iTunes!!!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Sleep Now Sivylla on Myspace

  1. I love this band! 8 years ago

    This band is sooo refreshing. Very excited to see how they can impact today’s music.

  2. Sleep Now Rules 8 years ago

    You guys are awesome, a top metal-core band coming out of the scene in Texas. NICE VIDEO btw!

  3. John 8 years ago

    Great article, and solid spirit filled band!

  4. Carol 8 years ago

    Uow, i’ve been waiting for this ep for too long, it’s awesome, i really love you guys and i hope some day you’ll come to make a show in brazil

  5. Joe 8 years ago

    This band has some of the most worshiping/spiritual lyrics I have ever read.

  6. Christopher loves sns 8 years ago

    These dudes are going places quick. I am loving the New Stuff guys!

    -Chrissy J

  7. Jim Poncier 8 years ago


  8. Timothy 8 years ago

    not only is this a great band they are all great friends to me i can always look for some words of advice from trevor, a charming catch phrase from zach, or a great face melting breakdown from will from one of his favorite bands, peter is new to me havent got to hang with him much but is still a good guy, as for josh lol that dude cracks me up!! thanks for what yall do its great work and great inspiration

  9. xdiielx 8 years ago

    This will be the new photo of the community, quase que eu não soube escrever

  10. I 8 years ago

    I am in love with these guys ever since seeing the music video for 3:16 to yuma!!!
    Favorite local band in Texas!

    I love you guys!

  11. JD Dunlap 8 years ago

    Been listening to sleep now for a few years now 🙂 you guys beast it everytime at the local shows.
    Chill bunch of guys. Zach your hilarious as hell broski, and Trevor your cool to talk to as well. Can’t wait til you guys go big like abfpb.
    Keep it brutal and ill always be a fan

  12. Carol 8 years ago

    In the movie paranormal activity almost everything happens at 3:16, diel tryied to say: this is going to be the new pic of the community sleep now sivylla Brazil, we can’t wait for a show

  13. Kate 8 years ago

    Not only are their recordings sick, they are INSANE live!! Sleep Now Sivylla is the perfect combination of brutality and beauty. They are also super nice guys. They are NOT cocky at all, they will talk to anyone at a show. Super friendly!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented musicians.


  14. xTaylorx 8 years ago

    dude sleep now is amazing been waiting for the ep for awhile now.glad its out. it sounds amazing. and if you havent seen them live go do it asap cause they throw down. these guys are supre nice. and by far one of the best ever. 🙂

  15. Mikey 8 years ago

    This band is so freakin great! They should be signed! Why aren’t they signed!!!??
    AND that music video is sick! I hear they’re coming out with a new one for their song “Walk to Asia” very soon!!!!

  16. Jacob Meacham 8 years ago

    These guys are ready to hit the bigger world! best of luck and great music bros

  17. Jack Nicks 8 years ago

    This EP is epic, the world needs to hear these guys. I am very excited for the future of Sleep Now Sivylla!

    Jacky M.

  18. Emily Davidson 8 years ago

    Hey guys, amazing cd. Really lookin forward to the day you guys get signed and produced by a major label! Love you boys

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