Sleep Now Sivylla from Longview, TX

sleepnowHere is a band I ran across on Myspace, whose passion and sheer intensity caught my ears. Sleep Now Sivylla is an exciting new band – one that would definitely make a terrific addition to a Rise or Facedown label – and could wind up becoming your favorite new band in the process. Here is a phone interview we recently conducted with these Longview, TX dudes…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Sleep Now Sivylla, and what’s the most embarrassing song you have on your IPOD.
Trevor: This is Trevor – I’m the drummer and the screamer for the band and I think the most embarrassing song on my IPOD is Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.
John: This is John – I’m one of the guitarists for the band. And mine’s Do You Know by Enrique Iglasias.
Zach: I’m Zach – I’m the front man, and my song is called Argh, I’m A Pirate by Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer.
Josh: This is Josh – I’m the other guitarist and I think the most embarrassing song I have on my IPOD is The Killing Of The Wicked Witch of the West by Sleep Now Sivylla. That’s the very first song we ever wrote, and it’s awful!

Where did you all meet and how long has the band been together?
John: We’ve all been going to school together. Three of them just graduated (Zach, Trevor and Will). Will is the only one who doesn’t go to our school. And John and Josh are still attending High School.
Zach: Me and Trevor have been in bands and we’ve had John there because we’ve known him since Middle School. And Will is Trevor’s stepbrother. And we met Josh in Woodshop this year. It was an instant click.

So Trevor, is it difficult to do the drum and screamed parts at the same time?
Trevor: It shows every now and then. I’ll get nervous, because I make the mistake of writing tremendously difficult drums parts when I’m supposed to be singing at the same time – and that’s not good. So I really have to practice at those parts a lot. And I think most of the time, we’re pretty successful at doing them live. We do practice almost every day.

Where did you get the name of the band, and what does it mean?
Trevor: In Freshman Year, I did a research paper over Jerusalem – and in that research paper I learned of the Queen Of Jerusalem – Queen Sivylla. She was a really good woman that led the country real well. And then one day for unknown reasons, people brutally murdered her and nobody knows why. And our name kind of means Rest Now Sivylla – Sleep Now Sivylla.

You have a new song called I Wrote This Song On The John… (Much laughter)
Trevor: That song kind of goes both ways. I Wrote This Song On The John – people that don’t know our guitarist John would think it has to do with the toilet – like the commode. What it really means is I wrote this song on John our guitarist…
John: He was sitting on me the entire time! When Zach was writing the lyrics, I was basically asleep on the couch – and he came in and sat on my back and was sitting there writing while we were watching TV. And that’s just where the name came from – like having a double meaning to it.

Zach, where do you get your ideas for some of the lyrics you write?
Zach: It’s a lot of Christian influences and things like that. Like (for example) I met a kid who had Christian dreams, and I get a lot of influence from the things that he would tell me in the dreams.

Who are some of the bigger bands you guys have opened up for in the past?
Trevor: We’ve played with Emery, As Cities Burn, He Is Legend – we’re about to play with The Word Alive and We Came As Romans.

Would you consider Sleep Now Sivylla a Christian band?
Josh: We don’t try to preach to anybody, but we definitely want them to know that we are a Christian band and the things that we do are for God.

zach-1Have you guys had a chance to tour outside of Texas?
John: We’d had one show where we went to Ashdown, Arkansas. And that was pretty much a nightmare, because on the way there, there was a storm with multiple tornadoes in the town that we went to. This massive venue with this great big stage – and ten people showed up to watch it. We didn’t know what had happened – we thought it was just raining. And later we went to a Pizza Hut, and a guy told us that 30 minutes before we got there, there was a tornado that went through the town.
Josh: The craziest thing happened to us while we were there. We were all wearing mustaches – and Zach was screaming – and he inhaled and choked on his mustache while he as trying to scream and sing.
John: It was really, really funny. He sat there and hocked it up, and then handed it to the girl at the front of the stage. And she just sat there and kinda looked at it while we finished our set.
Josh: She put it on her forehead.
John: Really? I did not know that… (Much laughter)

Do you guys have any messages who are reading this interview and who might want to check you out?
Trevor: Please go to our Myspace and talk to us. We love to chat. We’ll talk to everybody!
John: We’ve been talking to just about everyone.
Josh: Even purple people!
John: That – and everything that we do is for the love of God and his name. Because without him, we really wouldn’t be able to do any of this.

Sleep Now Sivylla on Myspace

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)


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