The Relentlessly Somber Hymns of So Much For Nothing

So Much For Nothing present desolate reveries that will chill the listener to the very core of their mortal existence.  The grand collaboration of Erik Unsgaard (Sarkom) and Uruz (Urgehal), members from such noted acts as 1349 and Shining also make guest appearances on the recording.  The shimmering darkness found within Livsgnist is solemn and profound, and will surely intrigue all adventurous musical types.  Released worldwide by the decadent souls at My Kingdom Music, Livsgnist by So Much For Nothing is the perfect sonic companion on those nights where darkness and insanity enrapture your otherwise dead senses.  Here is a recent interview we conducted to find out more about the relentlessly somber hymns of So Much For Nothing.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in So Much For Nothing, and how long the project has been together.
Hello! I’m Erik Unsgaard, the founder, song- and lyric writer, as well as I’m playing guitars, bass and doing vocals in SMFN. Or you could say it the other way, I do everything except playing drums… I started this project in 2007 when I wrote a couple of songs which didn’t fit my other band Sarkom. So instead of just throwing them away, I decided to write a whole album as a solo project. I knew that this would take a long time, but as the songs started to take shape, I also knew that it would be worth it in the end, as I have never doubted once that I would get a record deal with these songs! So even though I started the project five years ago I didn’t promote it in any way until the album was finished. I actually didn’t come up with the band name until after the album was recorded either.

Where are you based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
I’m from Oslo, Norway, and Uruz, the drummer, lives about an hour outside Oslo. The music scene over here looks like changes from time till time. Nowadays it seems like trash and black trash is what‘s trendy! Also some kind of 80’s doom metal… I really don’t know, but at least this is my impression…

How did your cooperation with My Kingdom Music come about?
Uruz suggested me to contact them, as he had been involved with Crest of Darkness before and knew that they were in MKM’s roster. So I sent them an e-mail with a couple of songs and told him about this project. They were interested, and after they had heard the whole album, they offered us a record deal at once! So far the collaboration also seems very good and we have the same thoughts and goals for the band. Hopefully it will keep that way!

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Livsgnist?
Livsgnist means something like “spark of life”, and in most settings it’s actually a positive word. So it’s obviously sort of an ironic title for this album, but at the same time, it’s not… I guess it depends on how big this spark is… But it’s not a story or concept behind the word, it’s just that it sums up the whole album pretty well, and I can’t come up with anything which would describe this album better in one word.

Please select two songs from Livsgnist and what inspired the lyrical content?
Suicide-Syndrome: The lyrical theme is based on and inspired by the destructive side of life (and so are the others as well…).  I guess that most people have better and worse, brighter and darker sides of themselves, so these are mine.. Thoughts and actions, transferred into lyrics. Suicide-Syndrome is a gathering of several symptoms of illness. That lyric gives several points/examples for the utter negativity, which all together sums up a Suicide-Syndrome. At least it does in my head…

Livsgnist: It’s about the days of our life that really suck and when everything feels completely wasted. When you are hungover as fuck and just want to get away from everything, but at the same time that we really have nothing to complain about as there’s other people in the world who suffer much more than we do.

Has So Much For Nothing ever played live, and if so, how did the shows go?
No, but we will hopefully put together a live band for some gigs later this year. As soon as we’re offered a tour or some festivals, we will start rehearsing! So spread the word as we’re really eager to get out on the road!

How did the members of Shining become involved with So Much For Nothing, and what was it like working with them?
I have been on tour twice with Shining with my other band Sarkom, so I have got to know them quite well. I asked them (Huss and Kvarforth) if they would like to do a guest performance on the album I was working with. Simple as that! Both their contributions were done in Sweden and sent me over internet when it was done, so I haven’t been working so close with them. We just stayed in touch on phone and everything went smooth. Great guys both of them!

What did Seidemann from 1349 do on the album and how did he become involved with the project?
I’ve known Seidemann for 8-10 years now and we’ve become good friends. He lent me one of his expensive basses for this recording, so obviously he should play bass on one track as well! A great bassist who also has helped us out in Sarkom on a couple of gigs when we had been missing a bassist!

How does the music of So Much For Nothing differ from your work in Sarkom – and what is the current status of Sarkom?
While Sarkom is more of a typical black metal band, SMFN isn’t black metal at all! Not music wise, nor lyrical. But the influences are absolutely there… The song writing is also more laid back as the drums are not going that fast in SMFN… We are recording our third album with Sarkom these days, and hopefully it will be out during summer, or at least during this year! We will also release a 7” split with Urgehal next month on Apocalyptic Empire!

How inspired are you by a band such as Lifelover and did you know B? How did B’s passing affect you?
I’m not inspired by Lifelover at all, as I wrote this album before I had ever heard them… But when I checked them out, I can hear similarities… But this doesn’t bother me that much, as I think Lifelover is great! I have never met B, so that he passed away didn’t affect me in any way.

What’s up next for So Much For Nothing?
Besides some live apperances, I hope, we’re planning to record the second album next summer, as I‘m almost done with the material! I guess it will have an even more “pop feeling” than Livsgnist, and also some “happy” tunes, but it will still be a very dark and decadent album… I’m not sure what instruments I will use, but hopefully more than just the regular ones this time as well. Either way, I think it will be a killer album, as the songs really are starting to take shape! It’s too early to talk about a release date, but I guess it will be out around first quarter of 2013.

Any final words of wisdom?
Feel free to add us on for the latest news etc, and make sure to check out Livsgnist! The vinyl edition will be out next month!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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