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Based out of the Pensacola, FL music scene, Scream Out Loud present their own raging brand of post hardcore that fans of Silverstein and Blessthefall will surely party it up to.  Their album Live It Up is about to be released on Indianola Records, the same label who discovered such notable acts as A Day To Remember and Evergreen Terrace.  Expect 2012 to be a big year for Scream Out Loud, especially if their CD is indicative of wondrous things to come.   Here is an interview we conducted with two of the SOL members to find out more about this up and coming band, destined to invade your town in future days…

Hunter in regular type
Joseph in italics

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Scream Out Loud, and how long the band has been together.
Hello. My name is Hunter and I play guitar.
And this guy next to me is named Joseph, and he is our lead singer.
We have been playing together in this band, since early 2009.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Joseph, would you like to take this one? Yeah dude i can do that.
Well, we are based out of Pensacola, FL and our music scene is coming out of recession. It just seems to have picked up recently compared to past times. Lately, more and more talent is popping up in the Pensacola area. Just to name a few: Drayton Sawyer, Losing Cadence, When Amber Sleeps, Captions, Why We Fight, and of course our friends/brothers/labelmates in This Day Will Tell.

How did you wind up being signed to Indianola Records?
Uhhhh Hunter, do you wanna take this one man? For sure dude.
Well our friends in This Day Will Tell have been signed to Indianola for a while. Our singer, Joseph Kirkland, is actually the younger brother of Jacob Kirkland who plays guitar and sings in TDWT. Well when we finally had the money to record what was originally gonna be an EP, our friends in TDWT told Matt and John from Indianola about us and talked me into sending them an unfinished mix of some of our songs we recorded in the studio.
Shortly after sending them the tracks, they were talking contract. haha. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. It was that fast. We hit the studio again to record two more tracks to turn our EP into an 8 song Full Length. Now after what seems like forever, we can finally release our CD for everyone!!

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Live It Up?
I’ve got this Josephe. aight
We believe that you should live every day like its your last because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
With that thought, we are motivated to do what we want with our lives and to make the best of everything.
We chose to do the artwork of the playground with the kids because they are the ones that live without worry or responsibility.
There is the saying, “To be a kid again.” Thinking about it like that, kids truly do Live It Up.

Select any two songs from Live It Up and what inspired the lyrics.
One of them would have to be, “Its Funny They Can’t See Us From Here”. There was a time when, as a band, we were going through a struggle with keeping a member, but ended up losing him anyways. This left me with more responsibilities, vocally. It was time to step up and lead myself to making a change for the better and in turn, lead everyone that counts on me.
Can i do the other one joseph? You know it.
If you have ever had anything stolen from you then you know the hate that it can bring and there is always a time that you have to let go of it.
Our song, “Lying In Wait”, which is definitely the heaviest track on our album, is about me getting robbed at gunpoint in my own house.
Listening to the lyrics you probably couldn’t guess that this is what the track is about. When writing it, we definitely made it to be openly interpreted by the listener. It was a hard event to get over, but sharing it with everyone through music and letting my aggression out through playing it is my way of telling myself that no matter what, my head is still above the water.

What made you decide to cover Price Tag by Jessie J and do you know if she has heard and commented on it?
We hope that she has heard it, but we haven’t been contacted by her at all. Can you hook that up? haha. Maybe sometime she will. 😉
We chose this song because of the positive message it portrays and how much the lyrics actually coincide with our lifestyle as struggling musicians.
In the scene of today, you can’t be in it for the cha ching cha ching.
Its Not about the Money, its about the ramen.

What could one expect from a live Scream Out Loud show?
Expect to have fun with us!! We like to put out a lot of energy and we usually get that back in return. So bring your dancing shoes.

Has Scream Out Loud ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
We haven’t had the chance or oppurtunity to hit the west coast yet. WE WOULD LOVE TO DO IT THOUGH!!
If any booking agents that read this feel like hooking it up. DO IT.
If you book it, we will come….. play. haha.

You’ve done some touring prior to the album’s release. Are there any strange or scary happenings while out on the road?
Joseph had a truckstop hooker try to get him to help her help him. haha. He declined. Yeah, it was a first for me. It was really weird.
We had our alternator go out in north Alabama on the Interstate. With the quick mechanic knowledge of our drummer Keith and with our buddies in TDWT helping us out with a ride to Wal-Mart for a new battery to make it to the autoparts store, we were back up and running before Rally’s could give us our food. haha.
Really, Keith changed the alternator faster then we could walk across the street to get food and come back. lol.
On The Cheesy Double Beef Burri-Tour, there was an awkward, but very fantastic moment when we sung the chorus of “Dont Wanna Close My Eyes” by Aerosmith on stage with our friends in Beware The Neverending. Everyone in the place was singing along like a choir. It was Beautiful.

Who are some of the bigger bands you have been on the bill with in the past and what was the experience like?
We got play on The All-Stars Tour when it came through Pensacola this year. It had Bless the Fall, Alesana, Motionless in White, and several other amazing bands on it. Being on stage with all of the great touring bands and seeing what a big tour goes through every day was a great experience! It was a fun day!
When AttackAttack and Breathe Carolina were blowin up they played in Pensacola at Sluggo’s. At 365 in attendance, there was hardly any room to move at the show. It was hot, everyone was having fun and the love, man, the love was there. It was probably the first show we every played to such a packed out room. Even though it wasn’t a huge venue, it was still one of the funnest shows that we have played.
Some other bands we have played with that are amazing: Four Year Strong, Norma Jean, THURSDAY, For All Those Sleeping, iwrestledabearonce, Attilla, After The Burial, Forever The Sickest Kids, I See Stars, Senses Fail, Man Overboard, Haste The Day, Sleeping With Sirens, The Chariot.

What are the band’s plans for the New Year?
Tour as much as possible!! Even though we are already writing for another album, this is our first CD and we want as many people to hear it as possible!!
We are currently playing the field for management and booking agents so hopefully that will all come together very soon for us.
Until then, we keep pushing. We love to play music and meet new people. Its what we do!!

Any final words of wisdom?
If you can find a way to do what you love to do and be successful at it, you should.
Follow your dreams, because you can!!
And while your following your dreams, stop and pick up our debut album LIVE IT UP on January 31, 2012, in stores throughout the southeast US and online worldwide!!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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