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Based out of that music mecca known as Memphis, Tennessee, Sore Eyes plays highly energetic rock and roll that could kick to life even the most stiffest of parties.  The band has opened for the likes of Framing Hanley, Chevelle, and Sevendust – and has logged in a a good amount of mileage out on the road in support of their own dynamic opuses.  Their forthcoming EP entitled A Life Away was produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember), and its bound to gain them a good deal of attention.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with front man Shi Eubank to find out more about this fantastic up-and-coming band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Sore Eyes, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Shi Eubank and I sing for the band Sore Eyes. The current line-up has been together for two years.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
We are out of Memphis, TN. I would have to say that the music scene here is pretty cool. We have a ton of bands that work together as a network to aid in each others success, and a lot of great people that come out for the love of music.

First of all, how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?
Our music sounds like a good time. It is Pop that could be mistaken for Rock.

How did you wind up getting a sponsorship from Dr. Pepper and do they keep you fully stocked up during tours?
I was hanging out at the Dr. Pepper BBQ Tent at the big Memphis BBQ Cook Off and ran into one of the big Reps. He ended up being a big rock fan that had heard of us. I gave him tickets to the next show we had in the area and the rest was history. Dr. Pepper definitely keeps us fully stocked, so if you see us out on the road don’t hesitate to ask for a Dr. Pepper.

On your previous EP, what was it like working with Brett Hestla formerly from Creed and what did he contribute to the overall recording process?
Brett was amazing to work with. He is such a great singer and that really made me feel comfortable as a vocalist to work with someone that can explain in depth what he is asking from me. Brett is also one of the funnest people that we have ever been around. He can pull things out of an artist that not many people can, because of how laid back he makes the studio environment when you’re working with him.

Tell me about the upcoming EP, when will it be out and who produced it.
The new EP is going to be entitled A Life Away and we should have it finished and released by the end of August. As of right now the date is tentative. We recorded it with Andrew Wade in Ocala, FL. Andrew has worked with A Day To Remember, VersaEmerge, In Fear and Faith, The Word Alive, and a ton of other big Warped Tour bands. A Life Away I feel, gets a lot closer to capturing our live show than our first EP, so I can’t wait to get it out to everyone.

Where do you get the ideas for some of your lyrics? Please cite two song examples in particular and what the lyrics are about.
Some songs are pulled from our personal pasts and others are just written about situations that we have seen.

Go waste your life, go waste all your time…. I promise, I just don’t, honest I just don’t care anymore” those lyrics are from Don’t Come Home one of the songs that will be on the new EP.  Don’t Come Home is about just getting frustrated with trying to help someone over and over again, with the same predictable results. I think everyone has that one person in their life that likes to ask “So what do you think?” and does exactly the opposite of what you tell them. I think I’m just going to start telling people the opposite of what I think from here on out. If they actually do listen for once, I guess that we will just call that pay back for not listening in the past.

In the song Baby Lets Dance also off of the new EP I say, “You sold your soul for the quickest ride, I sold my soul for a piece of mind, your Tombstone, last name same as mine.” In that we were describing a couple that separates because the woman wants to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, basically she is a gold digger and the guy in the song is sleeping with a clear conscious knowing at the end of the day he did all he could, but he always stayed true to himself.

Have you ever played here in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future. If you have, what did you think of LA?
We played last winter at the Dragonfly with a band called Trauma Deville out of LA. We fell in love with LA just as everyone does. The parking was the only thing that I doubt I could get used to.

To you, what is the best and worst part about touring and being on the road?
I would just have to say the best part is being able to have friends all over the country that you can see on a regular basis. The worst is not ever being able to hold a “normal relationship.” You’re always a cheater because of some Facebook comment taken way out of context.

Any road horror stories you could share?
Not really unless you count, holding your breath as one of your trailer tires goes flying into opposing lanes of traffic and barely makes it’s way over the top of a new suburban.

If you could be a donut, what kind would you be and why?
Well I don’t think it really matters as long I leave that annoying sticky stuff on girls hands to remember me by.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing Sore Eyes for the first time?
I would want them to remember all the names of their friends that would like to hear us as well.

Any final words of wisdom?
If your gonna fight ….. WIN

The members are Sore Eyes are Chris Whitham on drums, Jeremiah Lipscomb on guitar, Landon Fox on bass, and Shi Eubank on vocals.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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