Sparks Will Fly

sparksepTHE SOUNDTRACK by SPARKS WILL FLY (District Kills Records)

Here is a band I met at the end of a long day at the Ventura Warped Tour. They were sitting near the parking lot and performing their songs acoustic to those leaving the event. Based out of Rhode Island, Sparks Will Fly plan on following the entire Warped Tour route, promoting their band to all. The songs were amazingly impressive, so I decided to check out their EP and see what they had to offer.

After a brief bit of Opening Credits, The Soundtrack kicks into high gear with the magnificent anthem-like We’re Not Chasing Ghosts – a song so catchy and alive that one will find the chorus instantly committed to memory. That’s What She Said is another example of pure pop perfection that is instantly likable. I’ll Go Down In History (Or Up In Flames) is another top track showing that these guys can truly rock it out with the very best of the melodic punk crew.

sparkswillflywarpedventura1lr062809Fans of acts such as New Found Glory, early Starting Line, and especially Amber Pacific should really enjoy what Sparks Will Fly has to offer. The band is sure to ignite interest all across the country with songs as good as those contained on The Soundtrack. Be sure to snag a copy of the EP if you come across these talented young musicians at Warped this year. Recording lineup is Jordan Hillman on vocals, Spencer Hillman on guitar and vocals, Charlie Iwuc on guitar and vocals, Skye Soderberg on bass, and Alex Lee on drums.


(Review and Warped Tour photo by Kenneth Morton)


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