Cock And Swan

Stash by Cock and Swan (Lost Tribe Sound)

One encounter with the sweet reveries of Cock and Swan, and the listener is surely in for the most wondrously chill-out album of 2012 and beyond. Consisting of Johnny Goss and Ola Hungerford, Cock and Swan presents breathtaking compositions filled with intrigue and a warmhearted sensuality.

Based out of Bothell, WA, Cock and Swan’s prior album Unrecognize explored a more electronic sound. A few of the songs also appear on Stash, but this time around, there is an acoustic vibe that is guaranteed to tantalize the senses. Mixing in the creative acoustic guitar work and subtle percussive beats with the delicate yet incandescent vocals of Ola Hungerford, Stash is an adventure in sound that is best rendered through the calm serenity of your headphones.

A spellbinding 13 tracks in all highlight the opulent Stash. First up is the wistful and inviting Stay Close, where the guitars and vocals sound like they are whispering intimate homilies into your ears alone. Title track Stash continues the head trip into the depths of tranquility and relaxation. Raging Chisel chirps and hums along with a muted intensity, a playful cut that tickles the eardrums. After a sentimental instrumental interlude entitled Sympathizer, Cock And Swan proceed to fill the air with the graceful inflections of Happy Thoughts.

Tectonic Plates is instantly memorable, enrapturing the listener with its fine, “It’s a beautiful thing to see the sky” reflections. Unreconize has a tribal underscore before merging into the most sensual of compositions. Unserious follows with its dreamy artistry based in another age.

One envisions a jaunt into a clock shop of the distant past with the short instrumental meanderings of Clearing Sigh. Then Remember Sweet mesmerizes the listener, with Ola Hungerford channeling the legendary Astrid Gilberto to a staggering effect. I Let Me In is like soaring through cotton ball clouds while Orange And Pink tenderly sweep you off your feet and into the most heavenly of places. And then closing out the enchanted Stash experience is the pensive Walking Up Dandelions, where Cock and Swan proceed to say their goodbyes to those who have completed the incredible aural journey.  Rest assured, you will be revisiting this Stash time and again.

In a world of chaos and utter confusion, it is wonderful that a duet like Cock and Swan simply exists. Their exquisite tapestries are required listening for all who want to escape into the most cozy and blissful of places. Another splendid release from Lost Tribe Sound.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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