Strange Fate by Out Came The Wolves (Roadrunner Records)

strangefate2Strange Fate by Out Came The Wolves (Roadrunner Records)

Based within the metalcore/post hardcore side of the spectrum, the inspiring sonic adventures presented by Out Came The Wolves unveil an epic and cathartic jolt to the senses. The Minneapolis-based band has already toured across the county in support of bands such as The Word Alive and Myka, Relocate, gaining a good deal of new converts with their vibrantly energetic live show. And now with a debut album Strange Fate being unveiled through Roadrunner Records, Out Came The Wolves is sure to seal the deal with all music fans looking be thoroughly enraptured by a thrilling new band on the rise.

First up on the Strange Fate experience is the wickedly inviting 96, seething with a tempestuous darkness that instantly reels the listener in. Next up we board the auditory roller coaster ride of Queen Mary, raging with a perilous aesthetic that pummels the senses. Bleed is the single that should be infecting radio airwaves all across the nation, featuring rapturous vocals from Cameron Burns that really sets the imagination in flight – from the sensual clean renderings to the wildly impassioned screams.

Baby Blue features an anthem-like chorus of “you’re never too far away – you’ll never have to chain yourself to misery – you’re never too far from me” that should inspire sing alongs within a live setting. Up next is the dark ambience of the title cut Strange Fate, short yet leaving a dire impression on the listener, merging into the explosive reveries of the relentless Kodiak.

octwsf1ILoveHateYou is a definitive standout cut, where nu-metal and post hardcore collide with devastating results – cemented by a fierce vocal performance and superbly intensive beats driving this song into fervently stratospheric heights. “We are The Curse burning together forever” is the clarion call on the triumphant The Curse – followed by the powerful “If you die, then I die, then we die in vain” sentiments expressed on the scorching Skin & Bone. And then closing out Strange Fate on a tranquil yet impactful note is Lowland Hum, demonstrating just how persuasive and passionate Out Came The Wolves could be even in the quietest of moments.

The membership found within Out Came The Wolves features impressive and resourceful performances from all involved. Cameron Burns is a charismatic, impassioned front man, whose sense of ardor and ferocity imaginatively infuses each and every song. George Shrouder (formerly of Youth In Revolt) and Austin Brady unleash an barrage of atmospheric rage on guitars while bassist Ervin Buljubasic and drummer Andy Hart drive it all home with a vengeance. Featuring top production work from Drew Fulk, Strange Fate by Out Came The Wolves is a captivating work of artistry surely signifying even greater glories ahead.

Be sure to catch Out Came The Wolves on the Face To Face Tour, with Our Last Night, Hands Like House and The Color Morale, with a local stop at The Glass House in Pomona on November 5th.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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