Stream Of Passion: Within Darker Days

Stream Of Passion is a dynamic symphonic metal band from Holland started by Ayreon mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen.  Although the creator has left the band, Stream Of Passion persevered, and has recently presented unto the world their third masterwork entitled Darker Days.  Featuring the wondrous vocals of Marcela Bovio and a tremendous effective lineup, Stream Of Passion is sure to inspire metal fans from all across the globe.  We recently spoke with Ms. Bovio to find out more about this magical entity and their rich musical tapestries…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Stream Of Passion, and how long the band has been together.
My name is Marcela Bovio, I’m the singer and violinist of Stream of Passion. I’m originally from Mexico but I live in Holland. Stream of Passion is a symphonic metal band that exists since 2005 and has released three studio albums and a live album so far. We’ve experienced some line-up changes since then, with the current line up we’ve been playing together since 2009.

First of all, what was the experience like working on the Ayreon album The Human Equation and how did you wind up becoming involved with the Ayreon project?
It was incredible! A few years ago Arjen Lucassen (the mind behind Ayreon) put up a contest through his website to give an unknown singer the chance to sing in one of his Ayreon rock operas; all singers had to do was send some material to him. So I sent him a CD of Elfonía (my band at the time), and to my surprise a few weeks later I received an e-mail from Arjen himself telling me how much he liked my voice. He asked me to record a few pieces of the new songs and a couple of his old songs and he eventually picked me for the part.

How long was Arjen Anthony Lucassen involved with Stream Of Passion, and how difficult was it to continue the band on without him?
I think he was involved with the band for around 2.5-3 years, from the moment we started writing the songs until the last tour we did together. It was quite a challenge indeed to go on without him, especially setting all things in motion and finding new musicians for the band; in lots of ways it was kind of starting from scratch. But just as big as the challenge was so were the rewards of watching everything come together.

How does Darker Days compare to the previous Stream Of Passion releases?
It’s our most adventurous album to date, I think. Our mission was to explore more different genres and styles and incorporate all these influences into our music. So we have some modern metal in there, some alternative rock, some prog rock and even some Latin influences, which is something I’m very proud of. The music is still 100% Stream of Passion, but with a whole other level of depth.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Darker Days?
We didn’t really plan for it, but while writing the songs and the lyrics a whole concept started coming together. Lots of the tracks deal in one way or another with difficult times, rough periods in life; be it on a personal or a social level. That’s how we came up with the title “Darker Days“, which really sums up the ideas behind the songs. Music wise this album is also a lot darker and doomier than our previous CDs.

Select two songs from Darker Days and what inspired the lyrics.
Reborn” is a song I wrote inspired on the horrible things going on in my old hometown Monterrey. Almost every day I read another terrible story about it in the news; about murders, kidnappings, persecutions and all other kinds of horrible things going on because of the constant war against drugs and fights amongst cartels. So I wrote this song inspired in the thought that things can change.

Closer” was inspired by Vincent van Gogh, by his beautiful painting “Starry night” and the letters he exchanged with his brother Theo that tell us a lot on who he was and how he developed his own unique style. His search for his own voice and his struggle to find recognition for his work is something I think all artists of all kinds can relate to.

How did your tour of Canada go and what were some of the highlights?
It was great! We didn’t know what to expect, we had no idea how the audiences were going to be like; so it was great to see that they’re very enthusiastic and energetic, they like to go crazy during the shows! The best shows we had were in Quebec and Montreal; lovely venues, great crew, awesome public.

How do you feel about touring with a bunch of guys? Did that take some getting used to?
Well, I’ve been playing and singing in bands with all male musicians since I was around 15 years old, so I’m totally used to it by now. And I like hanging out with the guys, they’re great!

Any chance of Stream Of Passion touring here in the States? Have you ever done any shows here in the States before?
Never, so that’s something I’m really looking forward to. We have no plans yet, but I sure hope we get the chance to go play there in the near future!

What could one expect from a live Stream Of Passion show?
A very energetic show. We love playing live, so we really go for it on every show. So you can make sure we will give every last ounce of energy in our bodies before we exit the stage!

Have you ever thought about doing musicals such as Phanthon Of The Opera or Mother Mia and do you like acting at all?
I’ve never thought about musicals, but I love opera and would love to do some opera in the future! I like the idea of acting, but I’m not sure if I’m good at it, he he.

Tell me about your previous band Elfonia and how it compared to Stream Of Passion?
Elfonía was a progressive rock band, with a lot of influences from atmospheric rock, post rock, jazz and fusion. It was way less heavy and a lot more experimental than what I do in Stream of Passion. Very different but also a lot of fun!

Do you have any messages for metal fans here in the States?
Lots of love and good wishes to you all! I hope you enjoy “Darker Days” as much as we enjoyed making it, and I sure hope we get the chance to go play on a stage near you real soon and share some good times!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Stream Of Passion Official Home Page


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