Stretford End

Stretford End, Molly Malones, July 21, 2011

Although Stretford End is better known for their full-on sets of dynamic indie rock energy, the Hollywood based band presented a stripped down acoustic show at Molly Malones on Fairfax on a Thursday night.  The setting was definitely intimate, and yet even in this format, the songs presented by Stretford End retained their vitality and emotional depth.  After nearly blasting the roof off the infamous Viper Room just days prior, Stretford End’s acoustic show presented another side to the band that was stunning to witness.

The band opened with the dazzling Carry On from their very soon to be released EP Letters On Sunspots: Siderevs Nvncivs.  Right away, one could see just how effective and compelling the band’s compositions are within any format.

One of the most darkly humorous tracks on the night was You’re My Cannibal – a standout track that should gain the band a good deal of attention.  Hopefully they’ll be committing this wonderfully demented tune to disc soon.

Stay Awake was another highlight from the Prelude EP – one of their best compositions that would sound terrific on radio airwaves across the country (if stations these days actually played anything interesting that is).

In an acoustic setting, the impassioned vocal work of guitarist Alexander Millar really shines.  Hitting the highs with a skilled precision, Millar is a tremendous effective front man who can certainly convey the lyrics with a fierce sense of conviction.  The rhythm section may have been toned down, but Joey Jane on bass and Prentice Daggs on drums showed how resourceful they are in an acoustic setting, and really made an impact.

Stretford End concluded the show on a powerful note with The Fates, once again showing their knack for writing songs which leave a lasting impression.  Weaving a web of sheer musical magic at Molly Malones, if Stretford End ever plays acoustic again, be sure to check them out.  Catch a rising star in the vast music scene that is the City Of Angels.  We’ll surely be hearing a lot more from these guys in the future.

(Review and Photo by Kenneth Morton)

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