Stretford End “The Fates” Official Video Release

The much-anticipated Stretford End music video for “The Fates” has officially been released. Highly conceptual and ambitious for an independent band, the video features characters who fight a losing battle against drugs, violence, and sexual assault. The gritty visuals and low-lit locations complement the musical and lyrical theme of the song; that each of us is faced with choices that shape the direction of our lives and ultimately lead to our individual fates.

The single “The Fates“, officially released last month, solidifies Stretford End’s increasingly strong position in the rock music community. It combines soaring vocals, rigorous percussion, and hard-hitting guitar riffs.

Formed in 2009, Stretford End has enjoyed a meteoric rise among the Rock community in a surprisingly short period of time. Hailing from Berkeley, CA, they’re popularity is founded by their infamously powerful live performances.

The video can be viewed on Stretford End’s Youtube channel here:

For More Information:


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