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e780bcfd-9e5f-4be6-bf62-505bdebe5aa5Today, pagan black metallers Stryvigor premiere the new track “Mysteries of Darkness” at heavily trafficked web-portal The songhails from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Forgotten by Ages, set for international release on September 13th via Svarga Music. Inspired by their native Ukrainian landscape – the windswept Carpathians, wintry woods, and especially the mountain river from which the trio take their name –Stryvigor create endlessly surging and spiraling epics of mystical, atmospheric black metal. Underpinned by expertly mixed cosmic synths, the passion and sincerity behind Stryvigor’s nature-worshiping craft incites awe and wonder, pride and heroism. At eight stout tracks, Forgotten by Ages is indeed a timeless experience, and highly recommended for fans of Drudkh, Astrofaes, and Khors. Hear the first proof for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of

Tracklisting for STRYVIGOR’s Forgotten by Ages
1. In the Icy Embrace of North [В крижаних обіймах півночі]
2. Mysteries of Darkness [Таємниці темряви]
3. Wherever the Stars… [Там, де зорі…]
4. Wings of Sorrow [Крила скорботи]
5. Memory of Ages [Пам’ять віків]
6. By Paths of Universe [Стежками Всесвіту]
7. To Heroes [Героям]
8. Forgotten by Ages [Забуте віками]

3d70bc4c-cded-4a75-9798-d9f7b4a9e16dSTRYVIGOR biography
The foundation of STRYVIGOR was settled in the autumn 2012 in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine by guitarist Khladogard (ex-VENDOGARD) and vocalist Dusk (ENDLESS BATTLE). By that time, the material for their debut album was finished – it was atmospheric black metal from the stylistic point of view. Later, drummer Rungvar joined the project. In winter 2013, the band started the recording session for their debut album. And in spring of the same year, the project got its name: STRYVIGOR.

6c93d839-d149-409b-9b95-e65eee5cb330Stryvigor is a mountain river which flows through the magnificent Carpathians and brings the wisdom of our ancestors and memory of our land with the river’s rapid stream. Namely, this river inspired the musicians to form a new project, as the main lyrical topics are related to nature, wintry landscapes, and woody twilights, infinite stellar firmament and the infinite universe, the babble of a rapid mountain stream and a sunrise of the spring sun, memory of warrior valor and blood-based brotherhood. All of these things are closely intertwined in the songs of STRYVIGOR and solely written in the Ukrainian language.

The debut album by STRYVIGOR, which has the symbolic title Forgotten by Ages, will be released on September 13, 2014 by SVARGA MUSIC. The nearest plans for the future are to record the second album, which is already prepared, and tour to support the release of the debut.


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  1. Valenten 4 years ago

    Very nice sounds! I didn’t know this band previously but it’s completely if my taste range !
    Thanks for sharing !

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