The Summer Circuit

The Covers EP by The Summer Circuit (Self-released CD)

The Summer Circuit is the one-man project of Chris Gordon, a multi-talented young musician now based in the Philadelphia area. At 19, Gordon self-released a wondrous collection of introspective songs entitled City Of Love, clearly showing that he was an artist with a distinctive style and voice. And within the next few months, he’s recorded The Heavenly Peace EP (a Christmas collection) and has now just released The Covers EP – both of which are FREE and available for download on his Myspace page!

The Covers EP features 9 tracks written by well-known artists who have obviously influenced The Summer Circuit in some way. Ever the resourceful musician, Gordon places his own spin on the familiar compositions, coming up with his own stunning interpretations of the various tunes.

Chris Gordon already has an expressive voice that can take the listener places, and he’s definitely selected the right tunes to showcase both his singing and musical talents. The biggest surprise on The Covers EP is the very first track, an unexpected version of Down by Jay Sean, given a whole new interpretation when delivered in heartfelt tones by The Summer Circuit.

Fireflies by Owl City has been covered by quite a few Myspace artists, yet The Summer Circuit manages to make the tune sound original and freshly vibrant. Another Owl City song, The Saltwater Room, is delivered as a wistful duet featuring Eileen Tulloch on co-vocals.

One of the obvious influences on The Summer Circuit is The Rocket Summer, and Gordon does an interpretation of So Much Love that should even impress its author Bryce Avary.

The dance party is brought into full effect with Mr. Brightside, originally performed by The Killers – and done with a good deal of vision and imagination by The Summer Circuit with the assistance of local rap artist Quags. Another definite highlight on The Covers EP is a bright and upbeat version of Your Biggest Fan by Nevershoutnever, closing out the nine-song recording on an effervescent note. Also included are terrific renditions originally performed by Death Cab For Cutie, Metro Station, and The Postal Service.

Currently working on a follow-up EP of his own work for a projected release in the next couple of months, Chris Gordon is a talent well worth checking out. The Covers EP is a lot of fun to listen to, and will hopefully serve as an introduction to Gordon’s own wonderful compositions. And it’s free, so be sure to download it from his Myspace now – and then pitch in a few bucks for his debut release of all original tunes entitled City Of Love. If you like bands such as the ones The Summer Circuit has chosen to include on The Covers EP, you should really enjoy the musical world of Chris Gordon. A special shout-out must also be made to Jake Lazaroff, whose magnificent artwork graces the cover of this, and the other Summer Circuit releases.

(Reviewed by Kenneth Morton)

The Summer Circuit on Myspace


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