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summerepmygen1Summer EP by My Genuine Find (Self-released)

If you are into the joyous pop punk sounds of The Starting Line and New Found Glory, expect the latest EP from My Genuine Find to be your soundtrack to the hottest season of this year and beyond. Summer EP features five cuts of pure sonic bliss, and while the songs are a bit edgier than the previous releases, the wondrously infectious personality of Bobby Mares and his uncanny knack of writing the perfect pop rocking tune remains thoroughly intact. Based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico, My Genuine Find is one of the best kept secrets in music – a positive force of energy guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most jaded of music critic.

Flower In Her Hair has a ton of hit single potential, and one notices right away the jangling guitars meshing perfectly with the piano bridge – brought together by Bobby Mares expressive yet playful vocal delivery. Forget About It is the classic story of a good friendship ruined by bad romance, with engaging lyrics that everyone will be able to relate with. Something’s Missing is an all-out rocker cleverly juxtaposed with a story of longing and heartbreak rendering this one a standout.

Went To The Moon is a gorgeously wistful ballad that soars into the stratosphere – the perfect valentine for that special someone who seems to be currently out of reach. Where Have You Been displays a massive amount of good vibes and vibrant energy, another should-be genre classic that is purely captivating.

The Summer EP is definitely a step away from the keyboard based songs of the past, demonstrating a subtle yet dazzling progression for My Genuine Find. Its creator Bobby Mares plays all of the instruments and sings every rollicking note, and the compositions overflow with a love for life and an appreciation for the complications one may encounter along the way. An ultimately uplifting effort to be sure, blast this Summer EP at maximum volume and be ready to enjoy the rollicking, carefree sounds of My Genuine Find!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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