supersuckersgetthe1Get The Hell by Supersuckers (Acetate Records)

After a few years of touring and two Eddie Spaghetti solo albums, Supersuckers return with the mightily rawking Get The Hell.  The Greatest Rock n’Roll Band in the World pull out all the stops for their ninth studio album.  After a short Intro of alarms and people rioting, Supersuckers kick out the jams with the title track.  Guitars blazing, Spaghetti and company in crackling good form, you’ll be nodding your head and raising your fists and voice for the chorus “Gotta run for cover!“.

Six strings wail for the stomping Something About You, which sounds like a 50’s pop song with amps to 11. Fuck Up follows with some sick-ass harmonica and a grooving rhythm.  Buzzing bass and a lighter feel buoys High Tonight, another singalong about the simple supersuckers252pleasures of altering minds with good company. Pushin’ Thru is another in a long line of Supersuckers classics, full of positivity in the face of adversity.  The band has been doing their thing since 1988 and behind their swagger they also have  humility and compassion for their fellow rockers.  Spaghetti sings “I’m hoping the wind starts blowing my way…I’m hoping my friends have a place to stay“.

Supersuckers know how to cover a song, their version of Outkast’s Hey Ya a standout, and their barn-burning version of Depeche Mode’s Never Let Me Down Again will surely be a live favorite. That’s What You Get For Thinkin’ is a cautionary tale about being too cock-sure, thinking you’ve got your shit together.  Closing out Get The Hell is Supersucker’s take on Gary Glitter’s Rock On, expressing the sentiment in true celebratory fashion, new drummer  “Captain” Christopher Von Streicher  pounding the skins in a rocking march sure to  get your ass on the dance floor, Dan “Thunder” Bolton and “Metal” Marty Chandler wailing on their guitars.

Recorded at Willy Nelson’s Arlyn Studio in Austin and mixed by Dwarves’ Blag Dahlia and Andy Carpenter, Supersuckers’ Get The Hell is focused on boots kicking, middle fingers raising, and singalong anthems sure to please the most jaded of music fans.  You can order Get The Hell on CD HERE and on vinyl in February via Reptilian Records HERE. Visit for more info and tour dates.

(Review by Bret Miller)

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