SuspiriaSuspiria by Nightmares (Rise Records)

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Nightmares is a vibrant collective ready to break out on the national scene in a colossal way. The most exciting and imaginative release Rise Records has presented since Crown The Empire contemplated love at in the end of the world on The Fallout, Suspiria by Nightmares is a stunning debut that is not to be missed. With a lot of the songs named after legendary horror movies combined with hard hitting lyrics and spiraling melodies, Suspiria is a rocking post hardcore journey sure to dazzle the senses of even the most jaded of music critic.

Nightmares-Press-Photo-300x200_2Frontiers opens the quest with magnetic force – “it’s like a hurricane” the chorus urges with a powerhouse sense of force and conviction. Let The Right One In is a standout track that will be all-out anthem Nightmares is remembered for in the years ahead, complete with a thunderous “I don’t want to wait to live forever” lyric that grabs you by the throat. In The Mouth Of Madness is a cut of stratospheric proportions, featuring a guest appearance by none other than Tyler Carter of Issues.

The horror movie references really slam into high gear with the ferocious strains of Tourist Trap, followed by the down and dirty reprieves of the monstrous Cujo. Carnival Of Souls weaves its dark magic in your ears before exploding into a massive barrage of sonic intensity. “It’s hard to say what makes a person fade away to gray,” the lyrics concede ominously.

Enter The Void continues the trip into intriguing darkness, with impassioned screamed vocals and the dark grunge-like singing of “I saw the light” coming across as both tantalizing and foreboding. “Heart of gold, heart of gold,” urges the beginning of the truly menacing The Tommyknockers, once again showing just how thrilling and persuasive the music of Nightmares is.

You just want to crucify me,” opens the mighty Hands Of The Ripper, whose lyrics are destined to be sang along with fiendish glee by audiences all across the country. The title track Suspiria smashes through your system with a fierce relentlessness. And then closing out the album is Irreversible, where the scream of “Am I alive” rips through the soul – a staggering denouement to be sure!

The musicianship found within Nightmares possesses a good deal of vision and intrigue, featuring the participation of Carter Hardin on vocals, Mike Smith on guitar, Jimmy Griffin on guitar, Turner Wood on bass, and David Angle on drums. A true contender for many a Top Ten list when 2014 spins to an end, Suspiria by Nightmares is an auditory adventure that heavy music fans will want to relive time and again!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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