Sworn In: The Death Card Unleashed On The Sunset Strip

sworninwhisky1Sworn In is currently a full time touring band. I got a chance to speak with them about their music and tour life when they stopped in Hollywood. These guys have built so much hype that hasn’t died out at all. If you’re one for negative music, you’re one for Sworn In and their album The Death Card, out now on Razor & Tie Records. Make sure you see them live and talk with them, awesome musicians and humble guys.

Introduce what you do in Sworn In and what’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
Tyler: I’m Tyler, the vocalist, and I have Kesha on my iPod.
Chris: I’m Chris, I play drums and write the music, and my iPod has currently little to no music on it because it’s new and I hate that. So I’m sorry I can’t really answer this.

How has this tour been going, and what are some of the highlights?
Tyler: This tour’s been pretty cool; it’s rather laid back which is a nice change of pace to what we’ve been doing. I like that it’s a full US tour and that we’ve been able to go to places like California and the south cause where we’re from it’s like -20° right now. So being here in just a hoodie is awesome. The shows have been great, the other bands are great, and it’s just been a good time.
Chris: Same as Tyler, it’s more of a laid back tour, but at the same time we’re hitting many areas we really don’t normally play, like here, Hollywood. And just anywhere in California, the west coast is somewhere we never really get to go to that much. So it’s cool to be here again on this tour.

swornin3_375How surprised are you at how people have been able to connect with The Death Card album?
Tyler: It definitely came as a surprise to me because when I wrote the lyrics I really didn’t’ think about how it’d really affect other people. I was just kinda writing down what I was thinking about and people can relate to that, that’s pretty cool.

Where do you derive inspiration for all the lyrics on the album?
Tyler: The whole thing’s a story and it’s just how I was feeling at the time and kinda goes back to some stuff that’s happened in my past personally and how it’s affected me both put into a metaphor rather than just completely straight-forward all the time.

In an age where it’s almost trendy to have positive lyrics, why is optimism a disease?
Tyler: That falls more in line of the story, it’s not we’re saying it’s a disease, it’s less literal it’s more-so a part of the story/point in the story where everything is turned over the wrong way for the character more-so optimism is only digging further and further and is insanity you could say, it’s more-so a part of the story by the end because that’s the 10th song on the CD out of 13. So that’s more-so deeper into what you could call a descanted insanity so it starts being less and less logical.

You’ve toured with Gideon, a Christian hardcore band.  What do you think about Gideon and the Christian hardcore scene?
Tyler: I love the guys in Gideon, they’re awesome.
Chris: They might be the band we’ve toured with the most, I like it cause we’re very different honestly in terms of people, but we get along so that’s cool. They’re too good for us.
Tyler: We give each other shit all the time too, I’ll call them bible suckers, and they’ll call us devil worshipers it’s cool.

swornin4_375What are some usual reactions you’ve heard from people who have listened to your album?
Chris: AP magazine tried to insult it by calling it the next Korn in some weird way. They’re saying we’re trying to sound like Korn is back. It’s one of those things I can see where they came from but at the same time, it’s unusual for us to hear. We were kinda stoked on it to be honest.
Tyler: I’ve just heard a lot of funny interpretations of what the album means, like someone asked me if it’s about someone who went to jail for killing 13 people. There’s been many things like that.

How’s it been to tour in the dead of winter, and have you had any close calls so far while on the road?
Tyler: We’ve all been sick as hell, last week we all went into a walk in clinic and got diagnosed with the flu and stayed in a hotel room for a couple days, just hacking up, throwing up, dying.

Did you not get your flu shots?
Tyler: Chris did.
Chris: Yeah, but I still got it.

With The Death Card being so well received, is there any pressure when it comes to writing another album?
Chris: It needs to be exponentially better so, we’re going to make that more of a behind closed doors thing until it’s literally perfect and then we’ll see what happens from there. Can’t really say so much, it’s kind of up in the air. It’s a secret for now.

What’s up next for Sworn In?
Tyler: After this tour we’re going out on tour with Emmure, Volumes

Mosh Lives Tour
Tyler: Yeah, that one’s going to be really cool.
Chris: That’s the tour I’ve been looking most forward to in a very long time.
Tyler: Yeah, probably ever, that’s our biggest tour ever.

Any message for fans in LA and OC area?
Chris: California, this is our favorite place to play, generally so you guys rule.
Chris /Tyler: Thank You guys.

(Interview by Talia Farber – Photos by Steven Lipson)

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