taatsiseason1Season of Sacrifice by Taatsi (Forever Plagued Records)

Although Season of Sacrifice by Taatsi contains only two songs total at just under 10 minutes, fans of collectives such as Falkenbach and Summoning will surely uncover an auditory treasure for the grim and glorious ages. Hailing from the wilds of Finland, Taatsi will captivate the senses with their inspiring black metal hymns. Possessing a good deal of promise and intrigue, the two tracks found within will surely linger within the listener and leave you wanting to experience a whole lot more.

The title cut Season of Sacrifice is up first, epic in scope – a mystical journey through the icy forests, weaving its magical spell with a vibrant intensity. Cult of the Northstar then commences with an acoustic interlude and the howling of wolves before exploding into a wall of majestic sound. The two inspiring tracks end way too soon, but are well worth going to the ends of earth to seek out.

A special collector’s cassette edition is now available through Forever Plagued Records, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. You may also find this truly exquisite masterwork on Bandcamp. Taatsi is on the verge of announcing the release of a full-length recording – and judging by the mesmerizing work found within Season of Sacrifice, this forthcoming album is sure to be a genre classic.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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