Here Are The Answers by Treebeard (We Are Triumphant Records)

For the many worldwide fans of the renowned J.R.R. Tolkien, Treebeard is a fictional character found within the famed author’s Middle-earth writings. And now in 2012 AD, Treebeard is also the moniker of a compelling new post hardcore band capable of sending your spirits soaring into the stratosphere.

In an age where metalcore and pop-punk appears to be all the rage, Treebeard from the Columbia/Kansas City, MO area has unleashed compositions so powerful and intricate, music aficionados of all genres are sure to stand up and take notice. Fans of latter day Cave-In and Dredg are sure to revel to the massive glories found within Treebeard’s debut for We Are Triumphant Records – obscurely entitled Here Are The Answers.

The magic commences with the stunning refrains of Forest Canticle, where one instantly notices the striking vocal inflections weaving their way throughout the picturesque soundscapes. Haru Tora is like a sweet and hypnotic dream, with its swirling guitars and intensive singing rendering this tapestry a sonic delight.

Photo Credit: Holly Kite

Nalbelroth, City Of Ghost is as haunting and cosmic as the title would suggest, demonstrating the wondrously imaginative work of each and every band member. Star Garden is a stand-out magnum opus, complete with sweet refrains of chirping birds, a timeless xylophone, and keyboard melodies – a calming prologue before the tumultuous storm that convulses midway through the song.

Closing out Here Are The Answers is the sweeping Whispers Of Life In The Wind, a sweeping piece of artistry that leaves the listener devastated yet wanting to experience a whole lot more. The five tracks are infinitely adventurous, seething with ambition and a skilled precision that is rarely witnessed from such a young band.

The dynamic Treebeard lineup consists of Matt Cole on vocals, Alex Kelly on vocals, Ian Vardell on guitar, Nick Berthold on guitar, Dylan Rucker on bass, and Jordan Parks on drums. With a recording this inventive, it will certainly be exciting to see what sonic artistry the Treebeard collective are destined to release in future days. In the meantime, check into the mighty sounds found on Here Are The Answers and become thoroughly lost in exploration through distant forests of mystical intrigue.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Katrina 7 years ago

    Their music is like great sex. They know how to set the mood, provide just enough foreplay to tease and tempt you into their world, then they give you what you’re craving, pull back, tease & entice, then just when you’re at the edge, they give it to you again with even more intensity than before. Then slowly, without ruining the mood, they pull away gently leaving you with a smile and an “Ahhhhhh that was damn good. Can we do it again?” (That’s when you hit REPEAT:) I look forward to seeing them perform live someday soon…

  2. toru okada 7 years ago

    ive seen them live three times =D their best song is “alone song” in my opinion. and haru tora.

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