Aaron Shanley

Tears On Elizabeth Street – Part 1 by Aaron Shanley (Love Gum Records)

Based out of Belfast, Ireland, Aaron Shanley is a supremely talented singer / songwriter in the grand tradition of Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes. Now on a musical journey through a planned four EP collection entitled Tears On Elizabeth Street, the first part has just released through Love Gum Records. Inspired by a “busted love story in London,” the three songs contained within are definitive tales of heartbreak delivered in the warmly expressive, melancholic style that is uniquely Aaron Shanley.

Tears On Elizabeth Street – Part 1 commences on a cautiously optimistic note, with Shanley musing, “I don’t know what it is that you do to me, but you make me care for myself.” With sweet vocal support Allie Bradley, the tune is sure to tug at the heartstrings with its wistful refrains.

Up next is Amy, another duet with Ms. Bradley, which further explores the intricacies of a doomed relationship. “Wherever you are now Amy, is right where I want to be,” is the hopeful chorus, sung with a tender yet muted passion – acoustic based yet emotionally devastating.

This episode of Tears On Elizabeth Street ends with Lonely Now, an exquisite track where fuzzy guitars, subtle percussive accompaniment, and a heavenly falsetto in the chorus make for a sweeping melodious affair.

The tracks found while wandering through Elizabeth Street are emotional and heartbreaking; yet examine music as a cathartic exercise to the healing of the spirit. Although the songs appear to be intensely personal, the subject matter is infinitely universal. It will be interesting to see what tales the sidewalks of Elizabeth Street will reveal in future episodes. Once again, Aaron Shanley has presented a work of maturity and depth that is sure to gain the troubadour admirers from all walks of life. Stay tuned…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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