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templeof1Temple Under Hell by Erebus Enthroned (Séance Records)

Erebus Enthroned is based within the vast wasteland of Sydney, Australia, and their music is just as expansive and spiraling as their country. Their recently unveiled Temple Under Hell album enraptures the listener with its thrilling reprieves and fiery lyrical content. With all the makings of a genre classic, the imagination and intrigue found within Temple Under Hell is sure to captivate minds all across this expiring planet.

The journey into the Temple Under Hell commences with the diabolical Sorathick Pentecost, a blackened doom song of epic proportions. Trisagion continues the bleak yet erebusent1intensive madness into the feral abyss. Crucible of Vitriol pummels the senses with a relentless ferocity, pushing further into the depths of madness and malevolence.

Black Swords cuts through your soul with its wickedly piercing reverberations. Void Wind unleashes a punishing gust of torment and despair that is wondrous to behold. The grand title cut The Temple Under Hell is nothing short of mesmerizing, showcasing the Erebus Enthroned clan at the very height of their wicked virtuosity. And then closing out the recording on a staggering note is the mighty Return, leaving an indelible impression destined to plague your psyche for the metal ages ahead.

The musicianship found within Erebus Enthroned is stellar beyond compare, featuring the rabid participation of N on voice, D on guitar, A on bass, and M on drums. Expect Temple Under Hell to establish Erebus Enthroned as one of the modern day Black Metal elite. A magnificent triumph to be sure – destined to become enthroned within the confines of your stereo system.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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