Tempting Fate

TEMPTING FATE at The Whisky, October 1, 2010

A short walk from the Key Club is The Whisky, another legendary Sunset Strip club where dreams are both made and broken with reckless abandoned. It was certainly an eclectic night of music – even someone from my day job had a band who performed earlier in the evening! Going to the Whisky, one recalls years gone past of some of the very great pop/metal bands – some who were never signed and others who went on to superstardom. Tempting Fate reminded one of such a time, and brought it all back to 2010 with a fierce vengeance.  Rock and roll is all about entertainment, and Tempting Fate has both the songs and the considerably personality to gain your attention. All that, and they draw a ton of attractive girls to their shows! Now on to the review…

Those into bands such as Escape The Fate and Love Hate Hero are sure to meet a new favorite when encountering the raw talent exposed within Tempting Fate. The Sunset Strip late on a Friday night was the perfect place to see Tempting Fate perform, and the good times and popping tunes were in ultrasonic full force. Performing songs from their just released Pushing Through CD, the crowd was dancing and singing along to favorites such as Not Sorry and Life Apart.

The Tempting Fate membership is an impressive group of musicians to be sure. Shane Beecher and Jason Havner shred away on dueling guitars while Matt Campbell on bass and Chris Havner on drums make up a dynamic rhythm section. And then there’s front man Cory Beecher, absolutely over the top and in your face, making sure each and everyone in the audience is having a good time. As a collective, Tempting Fate has hit a winning combination and could easily find themselves headlining The Whisky one day.

Towards the end of the set, Tempting Fate unleashed a big and raunchy version of the Ke$ha’s tune Blah Blah Blah, placing their own wild and rambunctious spin on the song. And finally there was closing number Time, a rockin’ grand slam that ended the show on a wondrously thrashing note. You can bet I’ll be back to check out Tempting Fate again in the near future. With the bad-ass tunes spewed forth by this wildly charismatic band, the party and good times will never end.

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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