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Safe For Now by The American Scene (Pure Noise Records)

Berkeley, CA has always been a thriving place for both music and culture, so its always refreshing to see young bands from the area such as The American Scene breaking out and presenting such heartfelt rock and roll to the masses at large. Not interested in any kind of current musical genre that will fade at a moment’s notice, The American Scene appear to strive for more timeless melodies. On their second full length release Safe For Now, the band unleashes 10 tracks of emotional devastation that is sure to endear them to many a music aficionado. Along with I Call Fives and The Story So Far, Pure Noise Records has uncovered another remarkable discovery with The American Scene – a band destined to leave a lasting impression here in the States and beyond.

From the first track Just Say It on, one notices the wondrous urgency in Matthew Vincent’s stunning vocal delivery, as he sings “Are you afraid of the end of everything?” with a vibrant conviction. Blood Orange is a top notch cut that should be played all over the radio airwaves, a wildly infectious song that will leave a lasting impression with its combustible “If this is what you call love, well then I’ve had enough” refrains.

Hungry Hands contains soaring choruses and piercing guitar interludes that definitely impress. Then When You’re Undone continues with the sharply cathartic sentiments as Vincent reasons, “Like I’m just over this” with a calm intensity.

Fifth and Natoma is downbeat and yet threatens to unravel at the listener with a ferocious intensity at any given moment. “I heard you don’t believe in God anymore, I heard you fell out of love” commences Shape Shifter, complete with potent lyrics and a striking vocal performance.

The View From Here is haunting and introspective, wearing its heavy heart on its ultimately triumphant sleeve. And although Untitled is an acoustic composition, the raw emotions found within will jolt more than just a few nerves.

The grand tunes just keep on coming, as Used To You reverberates through the speakers with its spiraling melodies. “You make falling out of love sound so easy,” Vincent observes with a keen sense of bitter irony. The title track closes Safe For Now with a dire sense of urgency, leaving a lingering impression that is unshakeable.

Safe For Now by The American Scene is a definite breakthrough for all parties involved – an album that will connect with a generation of fans seeking honesty and integrity within the music and bands they chose to support. It may be early to start issuing Top Ten Lists of the year, but we will undoubtedly see Safe For Now making its way into the hearts and minds of even the most embittered of music critic. Fans of Jimmy Eat World and Brand New must check out The American Scene and prepare to be thoroughly amazed!

The American Scene is Charles Vincent on Drums, Matthew Vincent on vocals and bass, Chris Purtill on guitar, and Jeff Wright on guitar and vocals. Safe For Now was engineered by Sam Pura at The Panda Studios.  This is Berkeley based indie rock in its finest hour!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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