The Ascent by Secrets (Velocity/Rise Records)

The year 2012 kicks into sonic overdrive with the release of The Ascent by Secrets. Another exciting signing from the Velocity/Rise Records partnership, Secrets has unveiled a thrilling debut that should gain them a good deal of attention. 11 tracks in all, clearly demonstrating an impassioned band ready and willing to take on the big leagues.

Easily meshing together metalcore with melodic rock inflections, many of the tracks are instantly memorable and destined to become sing along favorites when performed live.

The Ascent kicks off with the explosive sounds of Genesis, where the screamed call to arms of  “I am the enemy” instantly grabs the listener’s attention followed by the mesmerizing slamming dynamics of The Oath.

Somewhere Is Hiding possesses a pop rock edge and wonderfully effective clean vocals  imploring “Please come back from the place that you hide” before catapulting into some fairly intensive breakdowns. The Heartless Part was the first single, and remains a fine example of the versatility the band possesses.

40 Below would be like detonating a bomb in the middle of an already fevered mosh pit, with Secrets at their absolute tightest as a unit. A standout track on The Ascent is definitely Melodies, a super infectious track with a chorus that will remain in your head for ages!

The Best You Can’t Be is a highly emotional track about a dysfunctional father-son relationship that really tugs at the heartstrings – definitely one of the most potent selections on the album. Some wounds never seem to heal.  “You must be scared of your reflection in the mirror,” the lyrics convey on Blindside – another grand slam song that packs a wallop.

A big highlight on The Ascent is The Hardest Part, a gigantic profession of love and hope with soaring clean vocals and the potential for a million dedications for the young couples of today. You Look Good In Plastic is aggressive and ominous; with the sweeping title track The Ascent closing out the disc on a thunderous note.

The screamed and clean vocals on The Ascent are potent and first rate, with Xander Bourgeois and Richard Rogers delivering the lyrics with a fierce sense of conviction. The searing dual guitar work is supplied by the aforementioned Rogers and Michael Sherman. Marc Koch on bass and Joe English on drums drive it home with an all out vengeance, their rhythm section a sheer force to be reckoned with.

With The Ascent, San Diego’s own Secrets will not remain enigmatic for long. The year is indeed young, but there is little doubt that The Ascent will have a lasting impact on listeners as the month’s progress. Expect grand and glorious happenings for Secrets if The Ascent is any indication of things to come. Superbly produced by Tom Denney (formerly of A Day To Remember)!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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