The Babys at The Yost Theater

thebabys1The Babys, The Yost Theater, April 2, 2016

The Babys performed at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana , CA on 4/2/2016.

Thirty five years ago The Babys as a recording and touring unit ceased to exist. They had a great run of five solid albums. Unfortunately the band never hit the success they should have. John Waite embarked on his solo career, Wally Stocker and Tony Brock joined Rod Stewart’s touring band and Jonathan Cain joined Journey. Ricky Phillips would later join Waite in the super group Bad English and is currently the bassist in Styx.

We now move forward and The Babys are back with a new CD and a revamped lineup. The band includes founding members’ guitarist Wally Stocker and drummer Tony Brock. Bassist and lead vocalist John Bisaha, guitarist Joey Sykes and keyboardist Brian Johnson round out the lineup. “The Babettes” who include Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne also provided background vocals.

thebabys2The Babys were amongst the most popular of rock bands of their time, with classic anthems like “Every Time I Think Of You,” “Head First” and “Midnight Rendezvous” all of which still continue to play on FM radio. John Bisaha brings his powerful lead vocals to those tracks as well as from their latest studio effort, ‘I’ll Have Some of That’. The new album was released worldwide on June 24, 2014. “I See You There,” “Sunrise and Goodbyes” and “Not Ready to Say Goodbye” are included in the set.

They also performed some of the deeper tracks of the band’s catalog. “Love Don’t Prove I’m Right” the lead track from 1978’s ‘Head First’ album, “Postcard” and “Darker Side of Town” from their ‘On the Edge’ album and “Wrong or Right” from ‘Broken Heart’ released in 1977.

Bisaha does his best to keep the crowd into the show and they respond well. By night’s end all will have gone home seeing a well performed show. Tonight’s show is proof that the music of The Babys is still alive and well. If they hit your town go see them. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Back on My Feet Again
Midnight Rendezvous
Give Me Your Love
Isn’t It Time
I See You There
Love Don’t Prove I’m Right
Sunrise and Goodbyes
Darker Side of Town
Wrong or Right
Not Ready to Say Goodbye
Looking for Love
Every Time I think of You
If You’ve Got the Time
Turn and Walk Away

Head First

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