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Move Like This by The Cars (Hear Music)

Back in the 80’s, The Cars presented onto the world one classic song after another, including such mega-hits as Just What I Needed, My Best Friend’s Girl, and Candy-O. After lead vocalist Ric Ocasek left the band, there wasn’t much revving up except for a short-lived entity called The New Cars. Then in 2010 it was announced that the four original surviving members would reunite and record their first album since 1987’s Door To Door.  (Original bassist Benjamin Orr passed away in 2000).

Produced by Jacknife Lee (U2, Weezer, All Time Low), who performs selected bass duties as well, one listen to Move Like This and it’s almost like The Cars never went away. It’s the rock and new wave party with a strong sense of modern innovation, featuring ten sonic tracks that compare favorable to the grand standards that music aficionados have cherished throughout the years.

Move Like This opens with dance-like inflections of Blue Tip, a classic car in the making with its Kraftwerk-style keyboards and quirky yet highly infectious melodies.  Too Late is up next, complete with toe tapping beat and catchy vocals that will spin within your head for ages.

Keep On Knocking is big, bright and anthem-like, with sleazy rock guitars and madly rhythmic keyboards meshing together to a dazzling effect. The there’s Soon, a slower paced ballad in the grand tradition of their stratospheric1984 hit single Drive.

The deceptively titled Sad Song isn’t a downer at all, but perhaps one of the brightest highlights to be found within the manic confines of Move Like This. Free will make you want to play air guitar and sing along to its wildly proto-punky refrains.

Drag On Forever works well with Ocasek’s vintage New Wave croon and the moody instrumentations. Take Another Look is haunting and lushly endearing followed by the rock and roll inflections of the wondrous It’s Only.

Closing Move Like This out is the electric It Hits Me, a kaleidoscope of a song that only The Cars could record – instantly making the listener wanting to take the wild ride through the ten tracks all over again. These are songs that should work very well in concert when they are really compared to the older musical sonnets of yore.

The Cars membership consists of Ric Ocasek on lead and background vocals, guitars, keyboards, Elliot Easton on guitars, background vocals, Greg Hawkes on keyboards, bass guitar, guitars, background vocals, and David Robinson on drums, percussion, background vocals.

Move Like This is a tremendous comeback, uncompromising in respect for their own musical legacy, and ready to present their trademark sound to a whole new generation of fans. A rock solid effort to be sure! Not much has changed except for the passages of time, and with how innovative The Cars have always been and will remain, this is a welcomed reunion indeed!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. dave 8 years ago

    Nice Review. Awesome album.

  2. Dan Nash 8 years ago

    I’m very happy that the Cars decided to record and release Move Like This. The absence of Ben Orr is immediately obvious, but Ric is at his best while fronting every song. I think the album is a great toe-tapping, head-bobbing, singalong experience. I saw them perform at the Hollywood Palladium and at Oakland’s Fox Theater on their current tour and it was so great to see them together on stage again. They left the crowd begging for more after both shows! I saw the New Cars as well in ’05, but didn’t quite jump aboard. I’m a huge Cars fan so it’s very nice to read a positive review from a band who has lost their co-singer and bassist to cancer and oh by the way, hasn’t recorded since 1987. Thanks.

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