Twin Brothers – Wyatt & Fletcher Shears – Are Ready to Take on the Music AND Fashion Worlds!

(Los Angeles, CA) THE GARDEN, the neo-punk duo from Orange County, featuring identical twin brothers, Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, are ready to bring their unconventional style to the masses. The brothers write and perform fifteen-second songs, have a penchant for wearing women’s clothing (and wear it well!) and speak in that secret lingo that most twins do. The Life and Times of a Paperclip, their debut LP was released on July 23 on Burger Records.

Many acts try to force an image on the public, hoping that this style or that attitude will catch, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth about THE GARDEN. The fact that Fletcher and Wyatt were almost-literally plucked from the music stage by fashion icon Saint Laurent – Paris, flown to Paris and walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week – even though neither brother had ANY modeling experience (and had to google Yves Saint Laurent), only fits the mold chance has made for them:

“We were just playing a show at the Echoplex in LA, and I guess there was a friend of a Saint Laurent Paris representative there,” recalls Fletcher. “I got an e-mail after the show that night, just asking, “Hey, you wanna come to Paris—free trip and everything?” We didn’t know if it was real, because at the time we didn’t even know what Yves Saint Laurent was. We met Heidi the first day we were in Paris, and it was very, very overwhelming, but also very magical at the same time.”

a4085770253_2Wyatt and Fletcher were born into the crashing wave of OC hardcore and, from the get-go, were instantly ahead of their time. The obligatory “scum punk” phase that most have in the later years of high school came and went for the brothers as fourth graders. And while the rest of their peers were first discovering The Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, the brothers Shears preferred the hostile and art damaged rhythms of Saccharine Trust, The Minutemen, and Killing Joke. They were introduced to aggressive punk by their dad, Steven Shears, drummer for long-running group Shattered Faith, an OC fixture since 1978.

A result of two years of unbridled energy, THE GARDEN presents The Life and Times of a Paperclip; sixteen songs about inanimate objects, made up words, and declarations of inconsequence that leave you scratching your head and tapping your foot. This is a fast, angry, laugh out loud punk record. The best part is that THE GARDEN is completely un-self-aware. There’s no wallowing in self-reflection or longing heartache. THE GARDEN cuts out the excess, working only with a bass guitar and drum set, leaving just the stuff that hits their fans the hardest and matters to them most.

From day one, the Shears brothers set out to make a great LP, and they succeeded. The Life and Times of a Paperclip is an invitation to a challenge, one that will not be ignored.

The initial press response to THE GARDEN has been as quick as one of their songs:
“…the album is quick: they tear through sixteen tracks in about eighteen minutes. Driven by just Wyatt’s bass and Fletcher’s drums, each track is sparse, haunting, aggressive, and seems to be written from a perspective only understood by the brothers. – MTV’s The Hive

“The Garden is a lo-fi noise band from Orange, California with only two members: 19-year-old twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, who look like the androgynous love children of Lou Reed or Iggy Pop, and who happen to be the latest muses of Saint Laurent Paris’ creative director, Heidi Slimane.“ – Interview Magazine

Fletcher Shears stands atop his drum throne, staring down the crowd of young Orange County punks, while his twin Wyatt savagely strums his pale yellow bass guitar, and immediately the kids in Santa Ana’s Unit B Studio sense what they’ve gotten themselves into – a live experience from buzz-worthy punk act the Garden.” – Orange County Register, June 13, 2013

Video for YSL’s new campaign featuring Fletcher & Wyatt and the music of THE GARDEN:

Listen to The Life and Times of a Paperclip:

Check out the video for “What We Are”:


August 9: The Smell (Los Angeles) w/ Moses Campbell -ALL AGES-
August 23rd: The Constellation Room (Santa Ana)w/ Tijuana Panthers -ALL AGES-
September 12th: Urban Outfitters, Los Angeles
September 15th: Davis, Ca
September 16th: San Francisco, Ca
September 29th: El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles w/ Sky Ferreira
October 21st: San Francisco, Ca (The Chapel w/ Hunx And His Punx)
October 26th: Pomona, Ca (The Glass House w/ Hunx And His Punx)


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