The Gardnerz Unleash Deadly Doom!

Heavy and deathly intensive, The Gardnerz is a doom metal band from the south of Sweden.  Their album The System Of Nature has been unleashed worldwide through Abyss Records, a thrilling magnum opus that was mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity) at his Unisound studio.  Sludgy and distorted, the world of The Gardnerz is sure to excite fans of bands such as Paradise Lost, Crowbar, Draconian, and early Katatonia.  Here is a recent interview we conducted one of The Gardnerz to find out more about their somber reprieves…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in The Gardnerz, and how long the band has been together.
Hello! This is Wilhelm Lindh, The Gardnerz cat loving, music conoseuiring, beard displaying guitarist and songwriter. We have been around since 2008 playing our deadly doom.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Any local bands you could recommend?
Well, no two members live in the same city but most of us is in the south of Sweden.  I live in and the band rehearses in Landskrona. Today there isn’t very much scene to speak of here in Sweden. At least not in the kind of music we do, it’s all about the metal core and such nowadays. Of course there are some killer bands, Vandöd and Pandemonium for instance, but nothing really happens, not many shows or stuff like that.

Is there any story or concept to the CD title The System Of Nature?
Yes there is; the title is borrowed/stolen/ taken from the 18th-century philosopher Baron d’Holbach book The System of Nature. It is considered to be one of the greatest works in the antireligious movement from the French enlightenment. It is quite a hard read since it is very scientific in its dissection of religion, but I found it very interesting and I thought it would be a good title since antireligious ideas is what we write about in a lot of our lyrics. And I hope that maybe someone can get inspired and read that book, since at least in my mind the world needs more freethinkers and infidels.

Select any two The Gardnerz songs and what inspired the lyrics?
Since I told you in the last question that a lot of our lyrics deal with antireligious matters, I guess I will have to discus two songs that have different subject matter.

Let’s start with The Art of Suffering, this song was inspired by certain people in my life and a lot of people in general. It deals with people who only see the negative in life and only have negative things to say. These kinds of people drive me nuts (yes I see the irony in bitching about this, and even writing a song about it haha), instead of just finding faults and only seeing the darkness, it is in my opinion better to look for a solution.

For song two I choose Born to Consume, this one was inspired by the book Dialectic of Enlightenment by Max Horkehimer and Theodor Adorno.  I write about how we are forced into a rat race of consumption and production.  We are fooled into believing that we need a lot of material things, and in order to get these things we need to produce; the more we produce the more we consume and so on and so on. The people truly coming out on top of this mess are the people that are the ones owning the means of production, the same people that told us to get in line and produce and consume in the first place.

Who did the fantastic artwork for The System Of Nature and how much input did you have on it?
It was done by Daniel “Devilish” Johnsson: Well I had the main idea, I actually had another cover made by a friend, a fantastic piece of art as well, but it didn’t feel dark enough, it had more of a power metal feel to it. So I sent Daniel the drawing and some ideas for changes and Daniel did his take on it, and I think it turned out amazing. Mechanix Records did the LP edition of our album, and it looks killer.

What made you decide to record the two covers of the album Bloody Vengeance (Vulcano) Servants of the Warsmen (Winter) and do you know if any members from either band has heard or commented on them?
That was our bass player Francisco Martín’s ideas, he wanted to get a connection with the old school stuff, and pay an homage to those old bands. I haven’t heard any comments from any of the bands we covered, don’t know if they have heard them. I know some people have looked us up because of the covers, so that’s cool.

How did Dan Swanö become involved with the project and what was his overall contribution ?
It was easy, I emailed him asking if he had the time to do it, and if he wanted to do it. He accepted so that was that. I think with his mastering the album sounds a hell of a lot better. Fuller, heavier and the vocals became a lot clearer. He did a cool thing on Lady in The Grave, during the clean part it sounds like he pulled everything back somehow, listen to it and see if you understand what I mean.

What is a live The Gardnerz show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?
That is hard to answer since there has been none. But from what we have been talking about in the band I think it will be more music then imagery. I don’t care for the theatrical aspect of the metal genre – I like it when the music speaks for itself. So if I get my way it will be us, some musical equipment, lights and hopefully a crowd.

Are you or any other members involved with any other bands or projects outside of The Gardnerz?
Yes and a lot of them.  I play in the black metal band Pandemonium, the death metal band Toxodeath and I have a acoustic project going on. Francisco is in Inner Sanctvm, Sacramento and Toxodeath (might be more).  Niclas our singer is in Vandöd, Autopsy of a mental disorder, and D Josef Band. Juan Pablo the drummer on The System is in Thornafire and Sadism. Our new drummer Vedran isn’t in any other bands that I know of.

Any final words of wisdom?
Many haha! Don’t let imaginary beasts and benevolent or malevolent zombies scar you, reality is far to grim, also check out our merch at (cause you are Born to Consume!)

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

The Gardnerz on Facebook
Abyss Records Official Homepage

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  1. Daniel Ferguson 8 years ago

    Thanks for the interview and support for The Gardnerz (Sweden)…
    Dan / Abyss Records

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